Entry: Figuring things out for myself Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Well, since everyone jumped-to to give a bio, i might as well give mine. Except this is going to be different. I am Catholic. I go to a Catholic church, I go to a Catholic school, I practice Catholic rites and have Catholic friends. By name, i am Catholic. Recently I was talking with my friend about my love book. An assignment for school where i have to write about all the love I have for different things. Love of God was mandatory. He was confused because in previous discussions with him we had come to an agreement that the Church had many flaws, and now i was saying that i loved God! Well to me, this was the first time I ever had to explain something of this nature. As a Catholic, i witness firsthand flaws in the Church. I do not always agree with it's teachings and am not always the first to obey a Catholic rule. This is what I think about some things, and this really helped him to understand me better, a good thing considering I hold him in VERY high regards. I believe that God is here and now. God is the people I meet every day, God is in nature, God is in me, and God is time. You have to be good to God, you have to respect God, you have to love yourself, and you have to use God for good things. I believe that Heaven is now. Heaven is the life you make for yourself; which basiclly teaches you to be happy. Heaven has always been promised to be good, white and gold (the colors of purity) and to make you happy. If we live good lives, treat everyone (including ourselves) with tasteful respect, we will be happy. Henceforth an almost perfect "heaven on earth." That's not to say your time in a church isn't worth the effort. Hardly. To achieve real happiness, worship God. Ask God for help, ask Jesus to guide you and even if you don't think you'll need it you'll feel like the person on the ladder. You may not think you need someone to spot for you, but God will be like your neighbor who came over anyways. Helping to ease your stress just knowing someone else is there. And to truly love God, we can't be stubborn. We can't think that we're too good, because the very stubborn person told his neighbor to go home and fell. Which is basiclly showing us that if we don't accept God, we'll lose the battle. Not much good can come from it. When we're open minded, when we fall, we fall in the arms of Christ, who will support us always, but still permit us to make mistakes and realize what we need... God. I believe that all people have a plan, whether they follow something God prescribed, or their own. Do not fear the man who created his own destiny, because destiny is always that: destiny. No matter how much you plan it, it will only happen if God wants it to. Most of all, I believe that people are good. I believe that people are allowed to form opinions, they're allowed to make decisions, and they're free to do as they chose. I think that people can do as they wish, so long as if it turns out to be wrong, not according to the bible, but according to them and their lifestyles, then they should find what they really need. What is really right for them. Sometimes it takes a while. Time... God. I'm no religious zealot. I'm no theology major, but even I know that people should be trusted to use good judgment in serious situations. When it's your turn to make a big decision pull on your maturity and common sense and make it all worthwhile. Even i know that there are four people who have faith in you: God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and I.


May 17, 2004   01:42 PM PDT
That just might suffice ;) But, you know what, I'd start praying for enlightenment if you don't know because, honestly, we're all going to find out someday.

Heh, heh... "They don't believe that purgatory exists, but they will." Hilarity itself!
May 16, 2004   04:31 PM PDT
And it might suffice simply to say, that God, is what He is, no matter how anyone 'feels' like they interpret Him. Righto, and the church is the #1 interpreter of the Bible! The simple explanation for this is: we are fallible, and the church, isn't. Even priests are fallible.

But, for us catholics, the Pope, is recognized, as the infallible head of the Catholic Church. This doesn't mean that he is sinless, it just means that he teaches the truth, and nothing but the truth, with help of the Holy Spirit. That's the reason Christ said, "...and I will send down the Holy Spirit to guide you..." I think He was pretty sure we'd need the help, even after everything that He did.
May 16, 2004   03:27 PM PDT
I think I know your youth minister, and I think she (right?) was talking about things like God making the world in seven days. That may not be true, but it's true that God made the world. You have to find the Truth, the things that matter, in the Bible. It doesn't really matter how or when God made the world, but it does matter that He made it. See? So, just apply that to the rest of the Bible.
May 16, 2004   12:22 PM PDT
Yeah and i get that, the thing I dont understand is why isn't God open to interpretation? My own youth minister said that the bible isn't always to be taken literally, so wouldn't it make God even more real and graspable for us if we can interpret God in a way that is gratifying for us and still respectful to Him? But then again, maybe that rules out the entire point of religion.
May 16, 2004   12:00 AM PDT
Yeah, I agree too, though I feel like there's something we're missing.

We still love you, Alexis, and pray for you. We're all human and make plenty of mistakes. It wouldn't surprise me if I was waaaaay more faulted than you are. So, don't get down if we don't agree with you!

Love and prayers :)
May 15, 2004   07:09 PM PDT
Sorry I haven't been able to answer earlier.

There's nothing that I can think of to add, though... I agree with Alex
May 14, 2004   09:39 PM PDT
Thanks for clearin' that up;)

Okay, let's see if I can take this one item at a time.

"As a Catholic, i witness firsthand flaws in the Church." No you don't. Name one. I would like to ask you a question: What church teachings do you disagree with besides their stance on Homosexuality? (BTW, that's a personal opinion, not a flaw. There's a difference)

"I believe that God is here and now. God is the people I meet every day, God is in nature, God is in me, and God is time. You have to be good to God, you have to respect God, you have to love yourself, and you have to use God for good things." Okay, miss, it is true, that God is all present, all knowing, all powerful, all loving, and all *period*,(heck, He's closer to you than your own spit) but do you know what Pantheism is? Check out my post made on April 20, here on this site. Read it all the way through, call me in the morning:) Also, I just want to restate, that you don't use God, He uses you; God isn't a tool that can be used to do evil. Please pardon me, if I misinterperet any of this.

"An almost perfect 'heaven on earth'" Well, I really hate to say it, but there is no such thing as 'heaven on earth'. Earth is the time we're given to prepare ourselves to spend an eternity with God, in perfect happiness. If there was such a thing as heaven on earth, then why would we have to die? The reason that we are here, is to perfect ourselves, our souls, to someday be in the presence of God. We are all called to sainthood! To strive and settle for anything less than that, is selling yourself short. You would be falling shy of the very reason for your existance. If you aren't striving for perfection, than what are you striving for? Is anything else really worth striving for? This reminds me a great sermon that I heard, given a couple nights ago by a Bishop from Alaska. I couldn't quote him, but basically, he was saying that we are every single one of us, put on this earth, to dive headlong into the vocation that *God* has chosen for us(not that *we* have chosen for us); which generically speaking, is always the same: Sainthood!!

I would like to take a step back though. It is true, that happiness comes from doing the Will of the Father. "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee" But, when I say happiness, I'm not referring to warm fuzzy feelings you get, when everything is going your way. On the contrary, often times, doing God's will is far from a jont through the park. The Martyrs, those christians that have died defending thier faith, were most likely not filled with all sorts of warm and fuzzy feelings when they were being brutally tortured, and finally killed; yet they were happy. Why? Because they were not living for this life: the way they looked, the way they felt, their personal opinions, nor did they fear that they might offend someone by what they believed; What they 'stubbornly' refused to let go of. They knew what was most important in thier lives; (and in all our lives)and also knew that soon the very reason for existance will have been fulfilled! Yup, they were happy. Wouldn't you be?

I was going to say more, but I'm out of time for now. Maybe more later, what say you?
May 14, 2004   01:09 PM PDT
and this is where the comments go!

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