Entry: I attend SA meetings. haha on you. Monday, May 03, 2004

*stands up* My name is Alexis and I am a sinaholic. That's all. Oh yeah, what do you think of this poem? Who can say for certain What tomorrow brings? Who can say for sure When I'll own miraculous things? There is only one single person Who knows this all for sure And He's the one we turn to When we need and ask for more Who will always stay true In each and every way? His grace is deep within me His presence will always stay For He is my Savior My redeeming Light The One who never leaves me Who guides me through the night And when I'm having troubles He'll carry me all the way He is my God The one who'll always stay -Alexis A*******


May 3, 2004   03:32 PM PDT
I got the rhymes though! Good piece of writing. And I would like to tell you all now that I'm a sinaholic too! Wow. We have so much in common :-o
May 3, 2004   03:25 PM PDT
this is dumb. it wasnt supposed to be all bunched up by the way. I'm on a mac. go figure.

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