Entry: Ugh... virus Sunday, May 02, 2004

   You just gotta wonder what kinda jerk does all this hard work in programming to make something that breaks down computers. GRRR! Anyways.. I got this virus http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.sasser.b.worm.html

W32.SASSER.B.WORM, I dislike thee.

   Let me tell you my not so funny experience with it. I was called by one of my mom's friends to fix his computer. He said that he couldn't connect to the internet very well.
   I went up to his house, looked at his comp.... and scratched my head. He had a fairly top of the line computer with an ancient modem. Took forever to connect, and only went at 7Kbps.
   So I went to a nifty web site and got him a new, top of the line modem for only $4 ( yay for good deals! ). He was quite pleased, and I set his current modem to update windows ( he had never done it ).
   After about one hour and a half, I checked on it. I look at the screen and think, "arg, it restarted and lost the download... why 7kbps?" I then go into windows and tried to connect. When I connected, the computer popped up with one of those ever-so-enjoyable error windows. This one said that an importand process had stopped and I had 30 seconds to bail out of whatever I was doing before the computer restarted.
   I think, "Well... at least I found why it stopped last time!" So I pain-stakingly wait for Windows to start back up, drumming my fingers on the desk through it all. When it finally starts, I go into the logs on Windows. The ones that had info on the error reported something like this, "The computer has no idea where the error came from! Aren't you happy?"

   Then I go through a mental list of about 100 things that this error could be from. Of course, a virus was on the list, but it was underscored as unlikely because of the snail pace of this guy's modem. Thinking the most time-saving, effective solution was to format the hard drive and re-install, I took it home to work on. ( currently, the computer is at my feet as I type )
   When I get home, I boot up my mom's computer so I can play some tunes. Before I continue, though, let me explain to you about my computer set-up. I have two computers in my house, one of which is mine. The one that is my mom's has the internet connection, so I hook my computer up to hers through a LAN ( local area network ) connection. The program I use to play music requires an internet connection.
   Well... I connect to the internet just fine, play my music. I start messing around on my mom's computer, only to find that there is some wierd thing going on so that I can't access anything on the internet from her computer. Obviously, something is amiss if I can use the internet on a computer on the network, but not on hers.
   So I'm innocently trying to discover the problem when... BAMM I run straight into the same error box saying that I had 30 seconds to bail from my computer. I'm starting to think that today's is my extremely lucky day ( sarcasm ). I look at the logs once the computer starts back up. Suprise! Same exact error... down to the computer not knowing where it came from.
   Suddenly, a virus rises to the top of my list as a culprit. I start looking for proccesses running that would obviously be a virus, and find none. I try updating the virus scanner that protects the comp, but it still can't access the internet. Eventually... I was able to get the virus scanner to update and quickly got rid of the viruses.
   I look at the virus I got and think about how lucky I was to get the virus the day it came out ( meaning that the computer wouldn't be protected against the virus ). Then, I think how especially lucky I was that the virus chooses it's next victim on the internet randomly.
   Let this post/rambling serve lesson to you! ( though... I don't know what the lesson is... )


May 4, 2004   07:38 AM PDT
"How do you avoid this virus?"
go to this site: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.sasser.b.worm.html

"Why were you laughing?"
I've been laughing as I watch the number of reported infected computers and the threat level of the virus go up all day.

"How did the virus go away? By itself?"
Eventually... I was able to get the virus scanner to update and quickly got rid of the viruses.

lol, I answered all your questions with quotes from the post...
May 3, 2004   03:30 PM PDT
How do you avoid this virus? Why were you laughing?

And I'm really sorry you had to go through that. Not fun, definitely. How did the virus go away? By itself?
May 2, 2004   06:34 PM PDT
I forgot to mention that I've been laughing as I watch the number of reported infected computers and the threat level of the virus go up all day.

Don't forget you can see it all yourself here: http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/w32.sasser.b.worm.html

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