Entry: Lesson in the 'Lore Of Cow' Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I am The Cow.

The Infamous Cow, to be proper, and just plain old Cow to anybody who likes me enough to be familiar with me. I'd tell you what I look like, but that doesn't really matter, as that really doesn't matter. The only thing you'll ever know for sure about me is what I tell you, and what we talk about. The blessing and the curse of the internet, eh?

This is, as best as I can tell it, my life and my faith, plain and simple:

First Fact Of Life: I am a Catholic.

I know that oftentimes Catholicism is misunderstood, especially by other Christians, so let me just say this:

I have never worshipped Mary. Catholics never had. I have never worshipped any saint, ever. Neither has any real Catholic. I read the Bible, and so do all practicing Catholics. Dissimilar to any of the other denominations of Christianity, we have a Pope (Right now, it's a fellow by the name of John Paul II) leading us, who we also don't worship. The only reason we like saints, Mary, popes or anything else faith-related, is because they are reminders of Christ.

Nothing is as important as a personal, honest relationship with Christ, and NOTHING should get in the way of that.

That sentence there, leads me to several important and controversial political issues, which are directly affected by my being Christian, including abortion, gay marriage, and a whole bunch of stuff concerning priests, including being married, or being a woman.  If you want to argue with this stuff, I'd be happy to, but be forewarned I do have 2,000 years of tradition backing me up.

Okay, so there's the first fact of my life for you: I'm proudly and solidly Catholic.

Second Fact of Life: My family is awesome, no matter what I say. We're far from perfect, but we're a family. That's the closest bond you can have with anybody, is to make them family. I first saw the light of Christ glowing though my parents, and my 3 brothers are the best I could hope for, and I'll love them till it kills me. And it has come close from time to time, let me tell you...At one time, I actually *did* jump off a cliff to try and help my brother after he fell. You may notice that jumping off a cliff to help somebody who just fell off a cliff may not help them too much, but it was spur of the moment, and it's the thought that counts, right?

Third Fact Of Life: I am more than thoroughly convinced that I am part of the greatest circle of friends since the 12 Apostles. Honestly. I'm not exaggerating in the least, as odd as it may seem. We didn't meet at school, or at a concert, or at work. We don't even go to the same church. But nonetheless, we stand together, facing the world against us, as Catholics, as brothers and sisters, and fight the good fight. I would trust any one of the men with my life, and I would rather die than let one of my sisters be harmed. It sounds so archaic, and weird, and I know it also know it's moderately easy to say you'd die for somebody and somewhat another thing to go get killed in real life. Insofar as I can think into the future, I would face the day bravely with them at my side. I'm pretty sure they feel the same, although I don't think I've even talked about it all with them. Some things, you just know. 

2 Yars and a Huzzah!!!

Let me think, about how many of us are there? I'd say about 30 of just of the high-school and college age guys, but it's somewhat more complicated than that. Not only do we enjoy each other, but we EVEN like our parents! And younger siblings!!! What the heck kind of gang are we, huh? So as long as several dozen best friends, I also have 8 or 9 more sets of moms and dads looking out for me. And we also adopt any grandparents who are willing to hang out with us. And we do tend to stick in groups, so there are already a bunch of us reading the site. You can expect some strange familiarity in the comments boxes from all of us.

In other unrelated stuff, I'm a youngish, bigish fellow. I'm actually quite a strange fellow, now that I have to write about me. I'm on the verge of becoming a through-and-through rocker, and love a good, ear-splitting racket to do my work to. The best band in the universe? Five Iron Frenzy. That's right.

But next to some good rock music, I love nothing in school as much as a good pile of English homework, and I run a fake magazine about the various happenings and thoughts I've been around lately. But when I'm not rocking out, and typing up a storm, I'll go pray at the church up the street, read theology books or  church documents, to try and better understand everything better. Spend a lot of my time on the phone, on my email, on instant messenger, or on sites like this one talking about God with various and assorted people who'll take the time to listen. Sometimes, I can do all of those at ONCE!!!

No, not really. Just kidding.

Shameless Self-Promotion Plug: My homepage, which I run with two good fellows by the name of Paul and Alex is also pretty awesome. You can go check us out at http://paul.hollowcube.com

Anyhow, that's just about the basics. Oh, and I like long walks on the beach and pina coladas at sunset. Any further questions can be asked in the comments box, I suppose.


Erin Bee
January 24, 2005   12:25 PM PST
Woohoo! Great,Cowee! I didnt' even read it all but who cares... YFL RULES/ROCKS/IS TOTALLY THE BEST!
The Cow
May 2, 2004   10:08 PM PDT
Mr. Zest: Huzzah indeed! I feel awesome! That's the one thing I wish I could do more often. Write something up, and have somebody say "YES! That's exactly what I mean!!!" Huzzah for knowing what we mean!!!

PJ: I've said it once, I'll say it again: Alright. (Heh heh ... I have said that before, and I *will* say it again. So what if it has no importance?!?) Good thing you appreciate us trying to treat you girls right, that's what we're paid to do. ;)

Duke Mad: Strapping young boys? More like...manly kids!!! ;) Huzzah indeed!!! 2 Yars and a Huzzah!!!

Mr. Megiddo: Yeah, no kidding, punk!!! ;) My advice for writing: Don't think, just start writing. Just blither for a while, and then just use the good chunks of blither.

Good Sir Tooth Fairy: I know! Good heavens, boy! (Notice, not *my* heavens. I'll share.) Everything should be in light of faith, and should be affected by it. That's so coolio!!! Having good friends can show Christ!!! WOW!!! I'm gonna go find some additional friends. The more the merrier!!! And several yars for being brain-brothers!!! BW'AHAHAHA!!!

O Furry Idiot: Hey man. Welcome to the site. Keep the raving stupidity down to a minimum, and I'll let you hang out with us. "I'm cool!"

PJ Again: Oh! Thank you!

April 29, 2004   11:14 AM PDT
Ah ha! Good observation Luke. I didn't notice he outlined it like that... which is insane for me because I usually notice how people outline... But good job Cow! Way to outline!
April 28, 2004   11:36 PM PDT
I, fair Ladies and Gents, am Luke. I am Cow's eldest (and probably most obnoxious) brother. I have been reading this site for some time, but have yet to introduce myself, formally. I figure what better way than an annoying piggyback to Cow's introduction?

Anyway, I'll probably show up in the comments boxes 'round these parts from time to time, from here on out.

Also, I must contribute my own two yars and a Huzzah to the pile, in celebration of yet another glorious piece of Cow-writing. You, good sir, are the Awexome, and one of my favorite authors, if I may be permitted to call you such. Keep up the good work, Catholic homie/ bro!

And way to represent all us A) Catholics B) Friends and C) Family. Well done, my good man.
April 28, 2004   11:01 PM PDT
Wow Cow. You seemed to say almost exactly the same thing that I did.... except different. Seriously, I could almost litlerally put my name where yours is, and the BIO would be a fairly accurate account of mine... with a few small exceptions!! You'd almost think that we share a brain or some nonesense like that...;)

Yup there is difinitely something to this being Catholic bit. It just occured to me that our little circle we've been talking of here is a shining example of the relationship we have with our faith! Really, when you think of it, many people have already agreed with Mr. Cow in that they are willing to die for any of the Lady-folk, while also being perfectly comfortable entrusting thier life to one another! How many people can say that same thing aboot thier faith? When it all get's boiled down to nothing, your faith is still there, and really *is* something that you can just as soon trust your life with, as die for it!! "No greater love hath any man, than to lay down his life for his friend" I love that line from 'The Passion', "You are My friends, so love one another" ...or something to that effect.

Oh dear, my time is up, and this is an incomplete thought by yours truly. terribly soarry. God Bless
April 28, 2004   10:33 PM PDT
Yar for Cow! And it's even double cool 'cos we met! Huzzah!
Hannah-the real one
April 28, 2004   09:08 PM PDT
*tapping toe* *looking at watch*

Ha ha, Megiddo! Just kidding ;)
April 28, 2004   03:10 PM PDT
Very awesome!

I like how both you and Alex took on a humorous tone, it's really cool!

I guess now I REALLY have to get mine done...
April 28, 2004   01:30 PM PDT
YAY! Cowee, that made me feel really good aboot myself. I just love our group... I would trust any of you strapping boys with my life, and die for my fellow girlfriends.

I must put in that reading this made me kind of dizzy, but it was fun! :)

I don't worship Mary, the saints, or the Pope either! Woo hoo! Being Catholic is the most wonderful thing in the world, by the way. Huzzah for being proudly and solidly Catholic! :)
Hannah-the real one
April 28, 2004   01:25 PM PDT
Cow, that was incredible! And I can tell you, all of us girls highly and supremely appreciate all of your gallant and chivalric type comments. I know that, in turn, I would trust you with my life.

You like long walks on the beach and pina coladas? What are those anyways? ;) Oh, and my wrist got a major work out while reading your post...
The Assassin
April 28, 2004   12:23 PM PDT
Wow!!! I can't think of too much else to say, other than I knew most of that about you already. But even though I knew all that already, it was totally frinkin righteous to see put to pen( or typed as the case may be). I am also of the opinion that we have the greatest bunch of friends, and also feel that I would trust any of the guys with my life, and die for any of the girls. Huzzah for being proudly and solidly Catholic!
April 28, 2004   11:33 AM PDT
Hmm.. I'll read this once it is more easily read!

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