Entry: Generation EVIL?! Monday, December 29, 2003

   What is a world where children are not being taught about Christ? The parents, though they might not believe, are still bound to morals by the after effects of their belief. Their children however, are bound by nothing.

   Is it any wonder why crimes are on the rise at amazing rates? Did you know that overall grades in schools have dropped three grades since prayer was banned?

   What binds you to do right when you are but a mere happening of a few atoms colliding? Nothing. Most people who believe this look for one thing from their life only. The thrill of doing something that they know they shouldn't.

   I think that people have it all wrong. It isn't the presence of the Devil that effects us the most. It is the absence of God. Some of the things I see people from my school doing are hideous.

   I search for a Christian friend my own age, one who is going through or has gone through the same struggles, but my search does not avail me. I look to my school and I see a swarm of spiders, all searching for some blood to suck, someone to bite.

   I have seen too many people that say that they're Christian and show not even the slightest hint of it in their life. I promise you, our days here on Earth are shorter than we know.


January 25, 2004   05:53 PM PST
Yes, you're right, and I am trying to view things that way.
January 23, 2004   09:50 PM PST
now i really have to interfere. What about North. Sharon Mason, Mandy Fredricson, and all those others who really try. When i look at my school sure one could seee spiders. Or one could see stray lambs who need some guidence. The purpose of this life isn't to judge but to love and try to bring people to christ. What do you think the missionaries do. I guess what i'm trying to say is that one shouldn't judge but try to help.
December 31, 2003   03:02 AM PST
oh of course, i sent you an email, so now you got mine
December 30, 2003   10:23 PM PST
Can we carry this on over email? megiddo@swiftdesk.com
December 30, 2003   04:23 PM PST
thats still not my point, my point is is that we couldve had a great scientist or such but we didnt because that person changed his destiny by worshiping god. thus meaning that that scientist didnt ever exist because his destiny was changed
December 30, 2003   02:09 PM PST
Christian scientists work just as hard on finding cures to such and such as much as ones that believe in evolution do. I don't see your argument here...
December 30, 2003   01:59 PM PST
oh dont get me wrong im not trying to bash on christianity. what i meant was people devote their life to christianity. imagine if one of those people hadnt, what could they have done with their life? they could have very well cured cancer. im always up for listening to arguments against me, especially good ones, and i think you have a fair share of comments. we all have our own beliefs. but as far as strong eveidence goes i dont see a whole lot with your argument either. keep in touch id love to hear more
December 30, 2003   01:22 PM PST
Nice comment the G.O.A.T.! But, God withstands the physical things of this world, the things just make one blind to God. They try to stuff an infinite void within them with 'things'.

bhinduist, the only thing I agree with is listening to others say. If you truly believe something, you should listen to arguments against your belief. But, you didn't leave any 'evidences' against Christianity in your message, you just started out believing that it was a 'corrupting agent'.

If you have ever seen Christianity act as a 'corrupting agent', you weren't looking at a Christian. God is the best 'cleaning agent' anywhere!

When you say that Christians make for bad scientists and presidents, I'm assuming that you haven't seen what they accomplish. There has been nothing ( at least nothing I know of, know of something, please tell me! ) in the course of history that has been found that disproves the Bible.

Sure, there have been all these 'missing links' in skeletons that 'prove' evolution, but they have always been proved to be something like a 90 year old man with arthritis or something.

I don't know much about the presidents, but I do know that Bush has accomplished a lot more than Clinton did.

And if you think that Christians consist of 'drugged out and psycho followers', then you still haven't seen a real Christian. I mean, how could I write these long, involved things if I was on drugs?

But yes, I do write for people like you. I write to tell the world about God. You have no idea how much it means to me that you responded bhinduist! Please write back!
December 30, 2003   12:55 PM PST
i like some of your points but i have one of my own, about the part about what is the world coming to where the children arent being taught baout christ.while yes i do agree that christianity is a GREAT thing for people to look towards when their life is going downhill its also a very good corrupting agent. think of all the good presidents or scientists that we could have had if they didnt devote their life to a possible unreal cause. plus some people arent for religion and if the christian religion consisted of a bunch of drugged out and psycho followers who were doing nothing with their life, what does that say about your cause? thats my shortened oppinion. if you got a comment please feel free to write back, im always open to hearing othjer's opinions
The G.O.A.T.
December 30, 2003   12:48 PM PST
i think with each passing year there seems to be less and less of a belife in God becasue people are more prone to physical evidence rather than spiritual enlightening. its a materialistic world God doesn't seem to with stand the physical things in this world that make people happy and fill the void the God has left them since they can't see him.

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