Entry: This is Alex Saturday, April 24, 2004

...or at least, this is the biography of Alex.

As far as any of you are concerned, Iím a saint; and the fact that you havenít met me yet, is simply another sign of the sad state of world affairs. Wow, donít I just radiate humility? No, not really, but thatís what weíre here for, so by gum, thatís what Iím striving for: ďON TO SAINTHOOD!!Ē

As of the moment, 4/21/2004 8:20P.M., I am about 16 years of age; and I have been for about 6 months now. In the next few paragraphs, I will attempt to enlighten you on different aspects of myself for the sake of shining some sort of luminosity on the maniac behind the madness.

I am a Catholic. And Iím pretty sure that Iíve been Catholic since before I was potty trained, though I canít remember exactly when that wasÖ this is proof that I got my priorities straight at a very young age. My first priority, period, is my faith! Everything else is subsequent.

Second to my faith, is my family. I am the second oldest of 7 children, who all come from the same two parents who have been happily married for almost 20 years! Itís not very hard to stay in shape when you live with so many guys, little as they may be. When Iím not being brutally beaten by the afore mentioned, Iím babysitting the two youngest, or standing someone in a corner, or changing a diaper, or making lunch, while simultaneously trying to accomplish a small amount of school, among other things. Life is beautiful! Oh, and just so you know, true joy is a pair a warm dry clothes after a dampening experience.

Iím your typical, ordinary, average, everyday, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum, Pro-life, Catholic, Home-shooler! I attend a Mass in Latin every Sunday in Seattle, am part of a pro-life youth group(run by youth;), and on top of that, I have the greatest friends that anyone could ask for! Mr. Meggido may or may not have realized this, but a fairly good portion of the people on this site, are actually a very close, very Catholic circle of friends in Washington; and they truly are the greatest!

So I guess, thatís the general order of my priorities: Faith, Family, Friends, and everything else.

What else? I enjoy going to the park to play capture the flag, which by the way, is the ultimate sport! No kidding! I like Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball, Basketball, but Capture the Flag is really the best all around work out. Recently though, Iíve found a keen new interest in Wake Boarding, and Ice-Skating! I run, but I donít do track and field. When I do run, I take a 3 Ĺ mile run, which takes me 20 minutes. I also enjoy walking very long distances from one destination to another, bare-foot, wearing a T-shirt with big bold letters that say, ďPro-LifeĒ!

Iíve played pianer for eightish years nowÖ which is long enough, for me, to learn more about it than someone who knows nothing. Music is a pretty big part of my life in fact. Some of my favorite Ďbandsí are: Five Iron Frenzy, Relient K, Newsboys, Supertones, Brave Saint Saturn, to name only a few; all come very highly recommended! But those are only rock bands. I also quite enjoy many jazz artists, as I am an unofficial jazz pianoist.(Yes, I meant to spell it that way) Oldies will never die. But some of my favorite music of all time, is what is commonly known as Ďclassicalí music; Beethoven, Liszt, Shubert, Brahms, Gershwin, Debussy, Joplin, Mozart are a few of my favorites that come to mind! I also love choir music. In fact, the only kind of music that I really donít like a whole heck-of-a-bunch, is Country; and for those of you who do like country, I will agree that not all country is dead dogs, second wives, beer, and eviction, but most of it is. There are exceptions, very good exceptions.

Other than music, I really like to think, and thus I like to write. And that is why I enjoy Blogging. I think itís totally awesome to have this Blog, which is entirely dedicated to faith issues and whatnot! It gives me the chance to write about my nearest and dearest entity of thought; God. God really is the Source and Summit of all Light and Happiness! And thatís cause for thought by itself eh?

Well, now you probably all know more about me than you ever cared to. Iím glad to be here; and it is my fondest hope that those of you who read this, and will never have a hope of ever meeting me in this life, might have cause to meet me in the next.



April 27, 2004   10:39 PM PDT
That was very good Alex. :-) Ha, ha, while I was reading this the power went out at my house for like 6 hours and now I just finished it!
April 26, 2004   02:01 PM PDT
Hi Mother Hen! You are so coolio and it's really fab that you visit this website and read all your son's posts! :) Wow, what a wonderful motherly thing to do.
April 26, 2004   12:01 PM PDT
Now that I know...

WELCOME MOTHER HEN!!! You're the greatest. And I don't blame you for being your children's greatest fans :) What else should I expect? He he!
Mother Hen
April 26, 2004   08:47 AM PDT
Well, your probably right about who I am.... :) I am my children's biggest fan! That should say it all. You all are pretty wonderful too!
The Cow
April 25, 2004   11:29 PM PDT
Yeah. That's the one, Hanner. *wink* We saw through the disguise...
April 25, 2004   11:06 PM PDT
Yeah, no kidding. Everyone becomes everyone's siblings and everyone's parents become everyone else's parents. But, I don't think that's exclusive. Like, I already feel pretty sibling-like to people I've met on blogs and stuff like that whom I have never laid eyes on. Hoorah for friends!

Am I positive I know who Mother Hen is??? Hint: Alex...
The Cow
April 25, 2004   07:12 PM PDT
Another awesome asset to our gang: As well as all of these new brothers and sisters, you get like...10 additional sets of parents. HAHA!!! Yar for the Mother Hen!

As for saints (Or the goal of sainthood...), my friend the Hanner covered things nicely. Mayhap this would make for nice posting, though...

April 25, 2004   06:52 PM PDT
Forgot to say, good job Alex! I like your little intro and am proud to be part of that Washington group :) *tear* You make me so proud! *sniff*

Oh, and Mother Hen, you're sounding awfully suspicious... ;)
April 25, 2004   06:44 PM PDT
Well, Catholics believe that all who get to heaven are saints, so, if you're striving towards heaven, you're striving for sainthood. The Saints (with a capital S) are people we KNOW are in Heaven because we've asked them to pray for us and God has allowed miracles to be worked through their intercession. That's God's way of saying they did the right thing and it's all right to follow their example. Does that help?

I don't know what the Bible verse is, by the way. Does anyone know?
April 25, 2004   06:33 PM PDT
Okay folks,
In the Bible, God calls all Christians saints, so why would people need to be striving towards sainthood?
(I am a Christian by the way)
I don't totally understand all that Catholics believe, so I'm a little confused.
April 25, 2004   03:23 PM PDT
hmm, Mother Hen, who are you? I have some suspicions, but would you like to tell us?
Mother Hen
April 25, 2004   02:31 PM PDT
As always this kid never ceases to amaze me! *wink* I must say he is outstanding isn't he? I can attest to the fact that not only does he have a super, outstanding family- he's got some great friends taboot! (beauty eh?)
April 25, 2004   02:28 PM PDT
Alright, Alright... but there probably are some really fantastic people in the world that we don't know... yet. :) But, for now I guess we have the best!

Well, I really haven't heard anything else by Weber... that I can think of. I'm glad you like the piece, though.
April 25, 2004   01:47 PM PDT
Must you jest!?!? In the world!!! (No offense to anyone else;)

Actually, I was sersiously debating whether or not I should put the Weber in there... but I've never even heard anything by him, except what I've played...or tried to play. So I decided I probably shouldn't say until I'm sure; though I really do like the one we're doing! Honestly! I can't wait to play it!
April 25, 2004   10:41 AM PDT
Yay! Fabulous...

I had a lot of fun reading that, since I've experienced alot of it with ya. You have a very interesting and fun life, I have to say. I totally agree with "ON TO SAINTHOOD!" I'm trying to go down that path myself, but it doesn't seem to be working as well as I want it to. But, I'm human so that explains it.

What?!? You didn't mention Weber in your favorite composers! Now I really know what you feel aboot that piece...

I also think that we have the greatest, most fabulous, most hilarious, most wonderfully faithful friends in all of Washington... maybe even the West Coast!
Ta ta for now!
April 25, 2004   08:53 AM PDT

Have you ever heard of a capture the flag type game called 'White Wars'? It's such a great game! I play it every year at my summer Bible camp.

"Mr. Meggido may or may not have realized this, but a fairly good portion of the people on this site, are actually a very close, very Catholic circle of friends in Washington" --- I had an idea this might be....

The Cow
April 24, 2004   11:41 PM PDT
Ho ho! Mind if I join you? (On to Sainthood, and all?) Well done, my little fairy, well done indeed. Now I suppose I *really* need to get mine done...

Also, I would like to express my utmost agreement on the point that we still have the awesomest friends since ever. Not even sliced bread is as cool as we are.

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