Entry: Wasting Time... Wednesday, April 21, 2004

   There's nothing that wastes time quite as good as watching TV or playing computer. Nor can you remember the details of what you did/watched the next day. Is it really worth it?

   The time we're here on this planet belongs to God. Is this how he wants us to spend it? I really doubt it... What do you accomplish by doing nothing? ( obviously... nothing! )
   But then again, I believe that we often try to do too much. God wants us to slow down and think once in a while. How do we keep this balance?
   Pray about it. Ask God how He wants you to spend your time today. I promise he won't let you down in showing you can do.

   I, unfortunately, have been wasting way too much time recently. I've been playing one computer game the whole day the past week. I pray that I will be able to break this addiction and get back to more important things.

   I hope that you'll learn a lesson from me, and don't become too 'obsessed' with things that are not important to life or your relationship with God.


April 22, 2004   07:13 PM PDT
No! I love spending time doing things on the blog! I get to talk to cool people, and I get interesting feedback.
April 22, 2004   11:17 AM PDT
Yeah, self-control and moderation are good things! But, would you say that this blog is a waste of time. I think talking about God and trying to learn more about Him is definitely worthwhile! Spending ALL your time on here isn't good, but spending some time here will probably be better for you in the long run :) Hooray for blogs! And for people who use their time on them wisely :)

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