Entry: Sexual Abstinence and our society Tuesday, April 20, 2004

This article is by Hannah:

This is an article I wrote in response to an anti-abstinence article in the teen opinion section (NEXT) of the Seattle Times. I thought you might want to post it, since it's something you and your readers would be interested in.
I was very interested in the “Garden of Abstinence” article by Anne Kim published in the April 18 edition of NEXT. As a 19 year-old product of the “true-love-waits” type of abstinence education Bush encourages, I have a few comments. Kim seemed to think that abstinence education would consist of a teacher repeating over and over, “Don’t have sex,” to a room full of teens. She pointed out that, in our culture, this wouldn’t be sufficient to discourage sexual promiscuity. I totally agree. However, in my experience, abstinence education not only discourages premarital sex, but goes further by giving teens solid reasons for making that decision and arming them with the tools needed to abstain in our society.
So, what are these solid reasons? First of all, I learned that sexual promiscuity during the teen years is only a rehearsal for infidelity in marriage later on. To see the truth in this statement, just read what The Center for Disease Control and Prevention said in a 1978 publication on divorce rates: “Rising from 2.2 per 1,000 population in 1962, the divorce rate had doubled by 1973 and reached 4.9 per 1,000 population by 1975.” Note: the divorce rate doubled DURING THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION. Furthermore, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the divorce rate for 2002 was 4.0 per thousand, which means that, in a society where the revolution’s ideals are still upheld, the divorce rate hasn’t changed much from 1973. It seems reasonable that, in light of this information, the millions of teens who have been hurt by their parents’ breakups will more willingly abstain in order to break that cycle of infidelity.
I also learned that promiscuous sex encourages a disregard for human dignity. Schools may be teaching “safe sex”, but sex without consequences quickly becomes unjustifiable and gratuitous. I believe this has contributed to numerous sexual offences and heartbreak because it allows teens to take advantage of each other, to view peers as objects to satisfy their physical lust instead of humans with dignity. Furthermore, treating sex as an uncontrollable teenage activity lowers the general teenage reputation because it likens young people more to animals without self-control than humans who have the ability to abstain. Abstinence is the ONLY way to correct these problems.
Other benefits include the absolute surety that STD’s won’t be exchanged and a reduction in unwanted pregnancies and abortions. All in all, the picture this paints is one of a far better society.
But what are the tools used to abstain? I learned to dress modestly to lessen temptation, to boycott any media encouraging sexual promiscuity, to respect people by not looking at their bodies, and to surround myself with friends who hold the same ideals.
Does this seem like an impossible dream? I don’t think so, and neither do the many other teens who HAVE SUCCEEDED in abstaining, even in our sex-obsessed culture. Abstinence is not easy, but the personal and societal benefits will more than make up for the sacrifice.


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April 6, 2005   09:18 AM PDT
Thats true very true and I like what you really had to say even in our sex-obesses culture unfortunately this is believed to be very true
April 6, 2005   09:17 AM PDT
Thats true very true and I like what you really had to say even in our sex-obesses culture unfortunately this is believed to be very true
April 26, 2004   12:02 PM PDT
Ye..uh... hmm.... I don't know about that one. Have you tried it?
The Cow
April 25, 2004   07:14 PM PDT
I was going to say, I don't belive I've ever seen you in a hat...hair could concievably be tipped though, right?
April 25, 2004   06:51 PM PDT
Thanks Cow! And they didn't print it... and neither have they replied... DARN IT! But, I left it in the hands of God and whatever He Wills in this matter I accept. So, yeah. If you prayed for all those people who read it down at the Seattle Times Editorial office, then my hat goes off to you! Well, my proverbial hat, that is!
The Cow
April 24, 2004   08:04 PM PDT
Yar! That's just about as "Under 200 words" as you can get. Huzzah for the Hannah!
April 22, 2004   01:47 PM PDT
Yay! I did it! I've submitted a letter exactly 199 words long! How's that for less than 200?
April 22, 2004   11:24 AM PDT
Update! I received an e-mail from the NEXT people stating I had to cut down my entry to less than 200 words. Apparently, they're interested! I'm working on that now, so say a prayer that I can keep within the word limit without cutting down my message too much.
April 21, 2004   03:37 PM PDT
Fab, Hannah! I just read this for the first time... Mmm, great...
April 20, 2004   11:35 PM PDT
Alexis?? I know Taryn was one of your names. Whoever you are, thanks a whole lot! And you're right about the vices and virtues. :)

Actually, I said that about the sex-obsessed culture because Anne Kim's thought that our culture is so sex-obsessed and there's so much temptation out there that abstinence education wouldn't work. She even thought it would be dangerous because teens would have sex anyways, but, not knowing how to use condoms, they would spread STD's and unwanted pregnancies and abortions... things would just escalate. However, I wrote this article because I think she had a faulty idea of what abstinence education is in the first place. Just an explanation. :)
April 20, 2004   10:29 PM PDT
Ooooh. Wonderful piece. I like it a lot and can't agree more! Lust is one of the 7 Vices (vices are the sins and virtues are the good deeds, right? I think that was in a religion class somewhere along the line...) that most teenagers struggle with the most so yay for people like you who point this out in a respectful way. Not "I'm right and you're wrong. Shut up and don't do it." Good job! *applauds*
April 20, 2004   09:50 PM PDT
And don't forget that there is an argument between whether condoms should be made widely available. One side tries to keep it from being available so as to reduce sex outside of marriage. The other wants them available so that STDs would be reduced.

Personally, I find it disgusting that people put themselves first in such situations. The only reason they do it is for self-gratification ( which is what most sins boil down to ).

My school enforces sex-ed, and talked a tiny bit about not having sex outside of marriage, but they really focused on how to avoid STDs ( i.e. condom ).

'even in our sex-obsessed culture' unfortunately, this is very true...

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