Entry: Pro-Life Thursday, April 15, 2004

While Mr. Meggido informed me that he would like me to make my first post an introduction and backround, I have not quite gotten around to doing that, although I am working on it. In the mean time, I thought I'd post something else. The following is a speech that I've already posted my Blog; it's a speech that I wrote for an annual Pro-Life Speak for Life Contest that I entered a month or so ago. Enjoy, and feel free to contradict, question, and critic as you please:


“Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”; the American Dream.

This is what freedom means for most Americans. But freedom, unfortunately
has become, in my opinion, one of the most abused words in today’s culture;
and is thus, largely an issue, in the pro-life movement.

There are two ways to look at freedom; as a pro-choicer, and as a pro-lifer.

When you’re pro-choice, freedom to you is like a house, ‘builded on the sand
’. Many years ago, a Spanish statesman described the consequences of
materialistic teaching in the following words: “The professor, who has
patented his own wisdom, proclaims form his chair in the university: ‘there
is no God.’ The ruler in his palace hears the news with astonishment and
hastens to apply it to his own conscience and says: ‘There is no justice.’
It finds an echo in the eras of the criminal and he says to himself: ‘There
is no guilt.’ Flaming youth hears it and draws the logical conclusion:
‘There is no virtue.’ It comes to the knowledge of the subject, and he
argues correctly: ‘There is no law.’ When it reaches the streets of the
city, blood flows, and above the roar of the cannon and the rattle of the
musketry we hear the howl of the mob: ‘Away with God, Heaven and Eternity.

Our culture today has become one of moral decay, spiritual dumbness, and
selfish, ill-gotten happiness. For example, at this year’s annual March in
Olympia, I had the chance to discuss views with a young woman of 19, who
demonstrated pro-choice opinions. One of her arguments was, “I think that it
would be selfish for me to have a baby right now, because I couldn’t support
I, and it would be miserable.” These are the words of a nineteen-year-old
‘pill-baby’! This woman is stating that it would be more right for her to
end the life of her child, under the assumption that is has/hasn’t started,
so that she herself would not have to take on the responsibility of raising
it! The punishment, if that’s what you can call childbirth, should fall on
the one who made the decision, not the one that was caused by it.

Freedom to most pro-choicers, is merely an excuse, to get away with that
materialism that tells them, life is only important… when it’s convenient!
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and a largely important
role in the pro-choice movement, was once quoted saying, “A free race,
cannot be born of slave mothers.”

So, what does it mean to be pro-choice? It is denial!! (Especially in the
issue of abortion.) In denial of the fact that life is precious; in denial
of themselves; in denial of the true happiness in doing the right thing. In
denial of the sadness which is indefinitely attached to murder! And most
importantly, in denial of their conscience. Mother Theresa of Calcutta once
said, “There are two victims in every abortion… a dead baby, and a dead

Now, let me tell you why I’m pro-life, and what freedom means to me.

I’m pro-life because I’m here right now talking, breathing, and living… and
because a third of my generation, isn’t. A third of my generation was
killed, by legalized abortion in the United States! Killed by doctor’s who
thought they had the power to decide whether or not a child should be given
the chance to talk, to breathe, and to live, as I am doing today!

I’m pro-life in a culture that bases the quality of life on convenience,
fairness, feelings, opinion, and undesirable circumstances; rather than the
simple moral code of right and wrong, good and evil.

I’m pro-life, because there is a difference between right and wrong, good
and evil; and it’s worth fighting for, living for, and dying for! Sure, none
of us are perfect! In fact, none of us even come close to being perfect! But
the difference between right and wrong, remains the same; and people are
separated by those who try, and those who don't. We are raised to stand up
for what we believe in, and take a positive stance in the issues that matter
most; but this goes beyond personal beliefs or opinions.

I’m pro-life, because I believe that the world can change; that those
considering abortion might come to realize sooner or later, that their
choice , is a matter of life and death! Can realize that they were in
denial; and can learn to live to love; and to love the lives outside of
their own.

To be pro-life, is to fight a battle within the walls of the city.

To be pro-life, is to be, the conscience of the America! Conscience, a word
that is defined as ‘the awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's
conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong’ by

To be pro-life, is it’s own justification; the very fact that I am up here
today, and I have life in me. I am a living, breathing justification of the
pro-life movement!

So many in this greatest country, have taken to the words freedom, like
their lives depended on it. And the truth of the matter is, lives do depend
on it. Over 40 million lives, depended on their mother’s choice from the
years 1973-1998! And those 40 million lives, are not in existence today,
because of pro-choice freedom. 40 million lives may not seem like a huge
number to many people, compared the world population; to those people I say,
‘start at 1. And count by ones, until you get to 40 million. Then tell me
that you haven’t changed your mind.’ According to these figures, 15 innocent
lives have been the victim of pro-choice freedom, in the time it has taken
me to deliver this speech!

The fact that lives depend on freedom is a complete contradiction of any
pre-conception that a woman should have the freedom to abort their children’
s lives! Here is the answer: We are given the freedom to what is right, no
less. So what do we do? What is the answer? We do what we have always done,
which is to pray, and love all those around us. St Francis of Assisi said,
‘Preach the Gospel, and when necessary, use words’. But what is the answer
to pro-choice freedom? No birth is an accident, no experience is without
meaning, and no life is without value.
Thank you.

God Bless,


April 17, 2004   12:56 AM PDT
Hey AJ! Good to have you on here! And good job with the speech :)
April 15, 2004   10:31 PM PDT
very good!
April 15, 2004   09:49 PM PDT
Fantastic, 'indeed'! Ha ha ha! Well, I'm glad that you posted this pro-life speech, Thanks.

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