Entry: The Changing Times Wednesday, April 14, 2004

   Ephesians 4:
18They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. 19Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.

   Have you ever thought about how our standards are always changing? Movies that were rated R ten years ago would be rated PG-13 now. Why is this? Do our 'tolerance levels' change through time?

   Or maybe we base such ratings on a scale ( i.e., one through ten ) and since worse movies ( as in more porn, more violence, etc ) come out every day, the movies that were once rated the worst get pushed into the middle?

   Either way you look at it, I think it is disgusting. It reminds me of Ephesians 4:19, 'Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.' Is this really what we want said about our generation?

   If you went back in time one hundred years, you'd find that people were not so scantily dressed as they are today. I'm sure that if you took some of the swimsuits back in time, the people would be appalled ( and perhaps not even know what they were for )

   I find it interesting that there exists an argument with condoms. One side argues that condoms should be made widely available to avoid the spread of STD's, the other side says that condoms will only encourage more sex outside of marriage.

   I can't think of many standards besides moral ones that change much. One teaspoon is the same no matter where you go. It is the same with God's standards. He doesn't change them to keep up with the 'trend' or to make them 'hip', yet God's standards have been proven to bring much more happiness than ours.

   There is a way that we can change! If we do not give support to these evil things, they will not be made and sold. The Matrix still could've been an interesting story with the sex scene taken out.

   Why did I name this blogging 'The Changing Times'? Check out a Christian ( G-rated ) movie called 'Time Changer' ( it is new and extremely interesting ) to find out!

Luke 9
23Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.


April 18, 2004   11:46 PM PDT
Ha ha! You sound so sentimental Cow... hilarious.

Yeah, I wish I could see it the way I saw it the first time, too. But, as it is, I will see it some time again. I guess my biggest concern is what you said; I don't want to get used to it. It really is wonderful :) By the way, did you read Fr. Eblen's little blurb in the Progress? It's so sad. He completely missed the point. But, then again, I guess that's the way it goes. Some people just won't like the movie and some will.
April 18, 2004   07:08 PM PDT
I hear ya, bro! I want to see The Passion again, and I think it will be better the second time...

Revelations on the way home, eh? My heavens, I'm sure those were interesting! :)
The Cow
April 18, 2004   04:37 PM PDT
I saw it the second time last...or perhaps two weekends ago, with Misters The Assassin and Tooth Fairy.


I would reccomend seeing it again, really. It really is better to be able to know what happens, and you have more time ofr thinking and making connections. I was crying at LEAST as much as I did the first time, and we had some awesome revelations while driving home, and sitting around talking again...

It's such an awesome movie, but I really don't want to ssee it over and over again, and I REALLY don't want to get used to it.

I just want to see it that first time again, and again, and again...
April 17, 2004   01:02 AM PDT
Hmm... I don't know. I can't really bring myself to go see "The Passion" again, and that's sort of the reason. I think it will just be horribly violent and disgusting and really depressing the second time around. But, I may be wrong. I should go see it again, but to tell you the truth, I'm still a little numb from the last time I saw it in a few different ways. That's not a bad thing, but I don't think I'll see anything spiritually gratifying the second time around. But, who knows. The other thing is that my friends and I went on a retreat after we saw it, and that retreat was so great, so incredible, that I want to wait a while before having that "re-charge" again. I definitely think I'll wait a while to see it a second time. It's that kind of movie, for me.
April 15, 2004   05:55 PM PDT
I think that it was beyond words... And yet it is all written in the gospels. And, it is not a movie one would see again. That isn't saying it is bad, just that once you see it, you really don't want to see it again....
The Cow
April 15, 2004   03:21 PM PDT
Yeah, the original Matrix is the only one worth seeing, and even that one is pretty over-the-top violent and swearing-y.

Don't really reccomend it. I'm with Hannah. Alfred Hitchcock and old musicals, man. Those are the only movies you need. *wink* Okay, so there are still SOME good movies that are more recent...

Like the Emperor's New Groove. If Disney only made movies as good as that one, I would be a contented cow.

And Mr. Megiddo (*wink*), what did you think of the Passion?
April 15, 2004   06:52 AM PDT
Yes, I liked the first Matrix ( though the violence could've been toned down a bit ) I've only seen two R movies in my entire life. Matrix and The Passion.

quoting Hannah, "And finally, what was the point you were trying to make about condoms? It sounds like you don't agree with either side"

I don't support condoms in the slightest, because they support sex outside of marriage.

quoting The Cow, "I think I'm going to live in the 30's and make musicals until I burst."

lol, you go do that... tell me how it turns out!
April 14, 2004   10:37 PM PDT
AND FURTHERMORE! I've never seen the Matrix and don't plan on it. It sounds like the first was great, but the other ones were garbage. Is that the general concensus?

And ever further furthermore, I totally agree with what you were saying about supporting the good movies and boycotting the bad ones. Go see the Passion! Go see Lord of the Rings! Go see Alfred Hitchcock movies! Or... sorry, got a little carried away. He he! But, anyways, I think you get the pic.
April 14, 2004   10:34 PM PDT
I still think earlier times were just as bad in other ways. I mean, people are people and they always were immoral and always will be. But, the general moral climate has deteriorated, I agree.

And that verse at the top totally supports a waaay earlier post I put up about mortal and venial sin. The cutting off from God part.

And finally, what was the point you were trying to make about condoms? It sounds like you don't agree with either side, but I totally agree with the one side that says it will encourage sexual promiscuity and abuse. Oh, and by the way, the STD prevention is a lie. They don't do any such thing. The people who made up that lie are trying to find a good reason for them to stay around so that they can use them for their own sexual gratification. In the end, condoms just encourage a couple to use each other as pleasure objects. And by the way, just for the record, the use of condoms and the divorce rate are parallel. Go figure.
The Cow
April 14, 2004   09:21 PM PDT
Neh. The 1st Matrix was the best, and it didn't have any grody sex scenes. Reloaded and Revolutions don't count as movies. You could make parodies of them without changing a line of dialogue.

In the first one, they had all this sybolism in the background. Then they decided they were spiritual geniouses and had so much symbolism there was no room for acting or a plotline. *wink*

Sorry. Had to let out some Matrix rant.

I wish we (our generation) still had a sense of decency. Grrr. I think I'm going to live in the 30's and make musicals until I burst.

Those were the days...

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