Entry: Media Monday, December 29, 2003

   Media... What effect does it have on us? What does it matter if we watch the news? Why should I care if I watch a gory movie as long as I realize that it is just a movie and not real?

   Media has a huge impact on society, most people just don't realize it. The news is filled with murders, rapes, vandalism, etc, etc. All of this slowly errodes our 'walls of morals', meaning that our chance of doing such a thing increases. I mean, it is what everyone's doing isn't it? This is the same thing that got so many addicted to smoking.

   You might say, "So what not watching the media is simply lying to yourself about what the world is really like!" I agree with this whole heartedly, but when you think of all that is bad in the world, try to find the good things in it too! That way, you're more likely to do what is right.

   So... what about movies? Same thing applies here. There are some really good movies out there, but usually they're poor quality and looked down upon by society. Everyone likes the movies where you can see the blood splatter.

   Well, what I'm trying to say is that the old saying, 'what goes in, comes out' is more accurate than most people would like to think.

   If you think that I have this one nailed, you'd be wrong. I struggle with what to watch and what not to watch. Lately, I just try to avoid movies all together and watch cartoons. Cartoons still aren't that good, but they make a good alternative.


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