Entry: What if God was one of us? Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This was given to me by someone who wished me to post it here, so here it is. To the person who wrote this, I say, if you ever want to be a full-time author, just tell me! We'd love to have ya!

"What if God was one of us? Just a Stranger on the bus tryin' to make His way home?"
So, what if God actually *was* one of us? Many people here might say they'd be in awe, amazed, happy, and elated... but not everyone would be. Before I get ahead of myself let me explain how this all came about. I was asked by a close person to me why Jesus came when He did. Why not 30 years ago? Why not now? With all the suffering and evil there is in the world right now, with all the technology, why did He come when the newest model of transportation was a donkey? I really had no answer, but I could say that back then there was evil too. Evil doesn't change shape much. It's always apparent in different form: greed, lust, hatred just to name a few, and those were there during Jesus' time, and they are here now. I have no explaination as to why God came down to us in the form of Jesus when He did, or why He did. None of us can be absolutely sure. We do know, however, that He came to open up the doors and free us of sin. I'll admit, I'm a growing Catholic, I have yet to understand how exactly I'm free from sin. I know I'm not flawless, and I know I have sin. Okay... maybe I have lots of sin... The only way i've come to understand how I'm freed of sin is that God forgives me. I know that God isn't always happy with the decisions I make, but He still says that it's okay. As a visual person I see this in my head as someone (anyone, a peer, a parent, teacher, enemy, anyone) looking at me and smiling, an honest true smile, full of happiness and fondness, and saying "Look, it's okay. We all make mistakes, you'll become a better person from them. It's okay, don't worry." And for me, that's a very reasuring vision. I don't think I've ever seen God the way some people say they have. I wish I could, and I hope I will someday in my future... but I haven't yet and I still have that hope. So, what if God was amongst us? What if He's that boy you ignored? That girl you laughed at? I think that if God revealed Himself today in the form of God, He'd be hospitalized. Eventually I think He'd be shot. And it would take less time than it did to crucify Him. (Agewise, and years) I don't know what I'd think if someone claimed to me they were God. It'd take a lot of faith... a great deal. I could tell you all I'm Catharine Zeta-Jones in disguise... but you would have to have great belief in me to accept it. Take that amount of belief and faith and multiply it by a million and that's how much faith we would each have to exibit. I'm not sure though, as I have never been told by someone they're God, and I've also never had my faith deeply tested. That's something I wish could be done so that I'd grow stronger in God and be reasurred. I'll still have to rely on faith to guide me, which I don't think is too much of a problem, but with all other obligations... anyways. This has become sort of a rant of sorted thoughts... but I hope it helped anyone. Not in education, but maybe reasurance that someone else is like them, or reasurrance that I'm not completely alone. But if you can please think about it. Because what would we all do if God was one of us?


April 18, 2004   11:52 PM PDT
Yeah, I know the passage you're talking about. I've often thought of this. I mean, it's hard for me to believe that there will be an actual person who is the antiChrist. But, if it's in the Bible explicitly, it must be true. But how can someone who so obviously not Christ claim to be the Christ? It just seems like it will be so obvious, the farce will be laughable.

Something else I thought of that would help us know who is Christ and who isn't would be through signs and miracles. Jesus said somewhere that he performed miracles for the express purpose of proving he was from God. Who else could control nature that way?

Thanks for the heads up :)

One more thing. Is the quote at the beginning of the post from a song? If so, what song? And whoever wrote it, become an author!
April 18, 2004   09:50 AM PDT
one thing to keep in mind, as times degrade... there will be people come who claim to be "God" - but who are not, and can be discerned as not by looking at how they live, and what they support. Such people who are not God but claim to be would be an/the antichrist(s). I forget the reference for it, but it is somewhere in the NT. Nothing to be afraid of, but just aware.
April 17, 2004   01:03 AM PDT
Yeah, ants are pretty disgusting... but, at the same time, fascinating. I'm sort of a geek that way. I love biology, chemistry... ah! Ants can be really fascinating!
April 14, 2004   07:01 AM PDT
LOL Hannah, you just keep coming back and putting more comments in...

Anyhow, that is another interesting thing you bring up.

"Just a heads up, we are not God and ants are not humans"

This is something that a lot of people don't get. Mormons believe that they will become a God of a planet. Most Christians look at the passage that says "Man was created in God's image" and think, "Oh, that goes vice-versa then, too!"

That statement is not communitive ( you can't switch it around ). God is unfathomable ( until we're with him ). Really! Try to think about it!

I think ants would take over the world if they were human.... ( good thing they're so easy to crush under foot, in case they ever try! )
April 13, 2004   09:14 PM PDT
That is, of course, if the ants were made in our image and likeness, which isn't true. Just a heads up, we are not God and ants are not humans. But the level of humility it would take for a human being to do that for a bunch of ants... that might be comparable to God becoming man.

Or I could be totally wacko.
April 13, 2004   09:12 PM PDT
You know what else is really cool about God becoming Man is the level of humility that required. I mean, that's like one of us becoming an ant to save all the ants who ever lived or ever will live because we love them as intimately as two married people love each other. Can you imagine such a thing? That is truly mind boggling... wow.
April 13, 2004   09:10 PM PDT
Yeah, God was one of us. And then there's the passage, "whatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to Me." Of course, He was talking about the corporal works of mercy (feed the hungry, clothe the naked, give drink to the thirsty, visit prisoners... etc.) So, Jesus is saying that by ignoring the girl at school today who was crying or the old woman who dropped her purse in the store (whoever), you're ignoring Him. Whenever you help anyone who is suffering in anyway, Jesus will reward you and love you as much as if you had done it to Him. A lot of times in Church, our priest tells us that in this way, Jesus IS among us. Tough to think about for me. "What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..." or charity.
April 13, 2004   09:02 PM PDT
That is a strong message you carry. I mean, what if God was that person that you ignored ( for no reason )? Or something similar?

And a scary thought for a lot of people is that God knows all our thoughts, even the ones that we've wanted to think. He knows everything that you have done in your entire life.

The plus side to this is that He wants to forgive you! "Ask, and you shall recieve"

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