Entry: W00t! Monday, April 05, 2004

Yay, the blog has now reached 2,000 visitors. I'd like to thank all of you for reading what I and others have to say.

Happy 2000 visitors

EDIT: oops, that said 'Happy 2000 posts' before. I really should proof read before I post....


April 8, 2004   01:33 PM PDT
Hey! I am so proud of you for getting 2000 eople on your blog site thing.
April 6, 2004   02:25 PM PDT
I'd absolutely have to agree with you on the being busy part.... ( like I said on the tag board: "One of these days, when I have time to sit down and just type the day away, I'll write like a billion bloggings." )

I can't even imagine how packed next year will be ( I'm taking AP European ), and my days already seem to lack free time....

It's okay that you haven't posted for a while... I know how that goes... ( and not like you're contract bound to post something )

The Cow
April 6, 2004   12:30 PM PDT
Happy 2000 to you, Happy 2000 to you, Happy 2000 to you, Happy 2000 to you!!! (And many MOOOOOORE!!!)

I'll try and get on here in the very near future, but I've been surprisingly busy of late. Like, for the past few months.

But that's no excuse for not saying SOMETHING! My apologies. I'll be back.

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