Entry: Failures and successes Thursday, February 05, 2004

As my birthday swiftly approaches, I am forced to look back on my past year of failure after failure. This past year has not been one the happiest I've ever had. ( but then again, happiness is relative. )

The only thing that gives me hope looking back on the past is what little successes I had, actually counted for a lot. I may have failed time and time again, but my success rate outnumbers my failures.

As long as you keep trying in the name of God, you will have more success than failure. If you never try, you don't have a choice but to fail. ( Thank you Lord for putting up with my failures and always being there for me. )

Looking back always lets you reflect on things that you need to improve on. Myself, I am always too judgmental, ( whose place is it to judge but the High Judge Himself? ) and self-centered.

I know that this seems weird that I think of these things now instead of at New Years, ( where people often make 'New Years resolutions' ) but I always think of New Years of just another day. Your birthday, though, symbolizes another year that you have spent on Earth.


February 8, 2004   11:33 PM PST
Wow. Congratulations!
February 8, 2004   02:06 PM PST
Thanks Hannah!

I'll be 15 the 14th
February 6, 2004   08:56 PM PST
Happy Birthday!

I hope this next year is a whole lot better than the last year was.

If it's not too personal, how old will you be?

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