Entry: Quick thought Monday, February 02, 2004

We all have goals so here's what we should do.

 We all need a PLAN OF ACTION!!!
Let's make our dreams come true
There's nothing we can't do
 Put your HEART IN IT!!!
Even when you're in a dark failure pit
 Just THINK of what you WANT!!!
somehow, someway, anywhere it'll hit
 Your DREAMS will come TRUE!!!
There's nothing we can't do
 Plant a tree, paint a house
Babysit, rasie a mouse
 TRY your HARDEST!!!
You will succeed
 And your dreams will come true...
there's nothing you can't do
 The glass is half empty
the glass is half full
 sometimes your lonely
or feeling at half hull
 put in your emotions
your will and your drive
 soon you will see
that you come alive
 dont give up hope
when you feel like stopping
 dont pull the rope
smile and start hopping
 make your friends laugh
feel like you're happy
 even when your blue
then you will see
 that your dreams will come true
never give up your joy or your pride
 no one can love you, hug you, learn from you
when you hide

Please don't copy it as I wrote it. yay. Love y'all... remember to BE HAPPY! (Your dreams can come true... theres nothing we can't do)


February 3, 2004   04:36 PM PST
That's a quick thought!?

Ha ha, just kidding :)
February 3, 2004   10:05 AM PST
I'm as happy as can be!!! :) Have a swelligant day!

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