Entry: Getting High Saturday, January 31, 2004

   Everyone has their own way of connecting with God. Some of the most common ways that people connect with God are: praying, singing, reflecting, church, reading your Bible, and writing about Him.

   Personally, I get the best spiritual high by writing and reflecting. But, everyone's way of connecting with God differs, it just depends on the person.

  If you'd like to share your way of connecting, feel welcome to.


February 1, 2004   08:14 PM PST
Yeah, singing is another one for me too :)
The Cow
February 1, 2004   05:10 PM PST
Yeah, okay, I've been busy, sorry. I'll brew something up. As for trying to connect with God, singing most definately is one. I can't sing very well, but I can hold a tune on my good days, and what better to sing about than how great God is?

But yeah, my other big thing is just thinking and talking, which go hand in hand.
January 31, 2004   08:46 PM PST
I love thinking about God, hence my interest in this blog. But as for what helps me pray or when I'm able to talk to God best...

Well, I always say the Rosary every day, and that's usually the time I take to meditate on God, particularly on what Jesus is doing in the different mystery I'm praying about.

For those of you who don't have any clue what I'm talking about, the Rosary is a form of prayer that's really condusive to meditation. There are four different sets of five mysteries that you can meditate on. The first set of five is called the Joyful Mysteries. The first mystery is The Annunciation in which the angel Gabriel announces to Mary that she will bear Jesus. The second is called the Visitation in which Mary visits her cousin Elizabeth who is also miraculously pregnant with John the Baptist. The third is The Nativity - Christmas. The fourth is the Presentation in the Temple in which Mary and Joseph dedicate Jesus to God (what Jews did instead of Baptism). The fifth is the Finding of Jesus in the Temple when He was 12 and thought He should He should be doing His Father's work. Anyways, this is getting long, so I'll just let that stand as an example. Maybe Cow (HINT HINT!) can do a post on the Rosary since it's really cool and there's A LOT that can be said about it. I also know that a lot of non-Catholics have a lot of questions about it.

Anyways, I also thought of another way that a person can grow closer to God, and that is through serving Him by serving others. In other words, good works. Speaking of which, I should get off the computer and make sure I don't have chores I need to do.

Sorry this is yet another long long post. You bring up such interesting topics that I can't help talking forever! Hope it's not too overwhelming. God bless!
January 31, 2004   08:28 PM PST
I love to pray, in fact that's when I feel best. But I also love to sing! not christian rock stuff, (i listen to that for fun!) but classical choral music written for God, Which is really beautiful.

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