Entry: Wanted: Authors for my blog Saturday, December 27, 2003

   I have two purposes in this post. First, to make it clear what I want this blog to be. Second, to invite any Christian author who is willing to lend wisdom.

   I would like this blog not be a collection of my ramblings, but rather a collection of whatever wisdom or inspiration or perhaps stupidity that anyone would like to write. So if this interests you, contact me in some way! There is like 10 different ways on this page or you can email me at megiddo@swiftdesk.com

   Thank you! I look forward for any posts someone has to make!

   By the way, I got my first author, CodePainter from http://codepainter.blogdrive.com I don't think he'll post very often, as he has his own blog to manage, but I look forward to whatever he might say.


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