Entry: Disgust! Friday, January 16, 2004

   I usually try to aim toward professionalism on my posts, but I realized that in order for readers to understand me better and vice versa, I needed a few personal stories. I couldn't think of anything... until today.
   Maybe disgust isn't the right word... as it was beyond, yet I almost sat down and cried when I heard it. I usually try to stay away from the 'evil' things that I here at school, because I'm sure some of you have stories that would give anyone nightmares. But... this is a major problem at any school... I'm sure. So, I'll share my story.

   I was sitting at lunch and with nothing else to do, I listened to what other people were saying. Someone next to me asked his friend to go steal two bread sticks for him. At first, I thought he was just kidding. I watched this kid's 'friend' go up to where the lunch was, take two bread sticks and get in line to buy it.

   He kept glancing around, and when no one was watching, he tried to make his getaway. Luckily, someone from the cafeteria staff saw, and made him pay. That kid could have had two years in jail or a $50,000 fine from that.

   Then, the someone else started talking about his girlfriend. He said, "Ya, I remember how we first got together! I was at a party with my friends, and she put something in my drink so I would fall asleep. When I woke up, she was all over me." Then later said, "I asked her later if she made sure to put a condom on me, she said she did. So, it was all right."
   This person got raped and could care less! Not only that, he likes the girl because she had the 'guts' to do something like that.

   God demands sexual purity. You should save yourself for marriage. This doesn't mean that the point in marriage is do such things. Having children is a gift from God, he wants us to populate the Earth.
   He wants us to have the bond between man and wife. I hope that if/when I choose a wife, she will be sexually pure, and that she would want me to be as well.

   Where do the ideas our culture has come from? The instant ability to access anything on the net? Movies or shows? Is everyone around them doing it?

   The feeling I had while hearing that 'story' is indescribable. It was somewhere between shock/horror/grief. What about you? Are you living the way God would want you to? Or do you know that the way you are living will only lead to destruction?


January 21, 2004   11:21 AM PST
That's really too bad. But don't despair! Try to be a good example, without speaking, to these people. You don't need to shout to be heard... as I think some saying goes. Anyways, pray for them and it will be good for everyone involved.
January 17, 2004   01:06 PM PST
that's sad. I'm pretty sure that I am living the way God would want me to live. I am home schooled and so I am not around people all that often. But the friends that I have all believe in being chaste, pure, and saving themselves for marriage. That's why they're my friends.

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