Entry: Evolution Thursday, January 15, 2004

I got this pic from livingwaters.com. They said it was free... so I doubt they'll mind me posting it here. Enjoy!

by the way... let me tell you the different words for some beliefs.

Atheism: not believing in God ( most people who say they are atheists believe in evolution )monotheism: belief in one God
polythesim: belief in many Gods
theism: belief in a God or Gods, especially as your creator


January 25, 2004   10:46 AM PST
Great point. I'd like to also say that, if scientists really are working for the truth, they will have to eventually come to the realization that God exists. The entire universe speaks that truth very clearly.
[AV*unit] yuwing
January 22, 2004   06:13 PM PST
science and religion should work together instead of against each other.
As scientific theories are made, some may have disagreed with religion. Though this is true, we should be open/accept to all instead of criticizing works of others.
The pope mentioned that science and religion SHOULD work together. and we should agree that that is the best way that the two can co-exist.

January 21, 2004   11:17 AM PST
Those were pretty good definitions. The only problem I would have is with the definition of athiesm. It comes from latin. The prefix "a" means "not, against" and "theism" is what you said. So, it's true that some athiests may believe in evolution, but all athiests claim to not believe in God.

Just a side note: Although athiests claim to not believe in God, they usually end up acting and speaking as if they themselves are a god. So much for their belief system.

Did you notice that the modern man on the chart has sunglasses and a beer belly!? :) That's hilaire...
January 19, 2004   07:25 PM PST
Did you read what it says? It is against evolution. I don't believe in evolution, and this chart illustrates what I believe.
January 19, 2004   04:29 PM PST
do you believe that this is how we came to be? I'm just curious on why you posted this.

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