Entry: Excuses Thursday, January 15, 2004

   Excuses... we have all used them, you know what they are! When it comes to having excuses for not serving the Lord, Moses had some of the best ( And most commonly used ), but God worked in Moses' life to make him a great leader.

 What Moses said  What God said  Verse
 I'm just an average person  I will be with you  Exodus 3:11&12
 I have no authority  You have the authority if God gives it to you  Exodus 2:11&14
 No one will believe me  ( miracles and plagues. The greatest miracle is a changed life )  Exodus 4:1
 Natural limitations  I will be your mouth. Natural limitations reveal God's power in a greater way  Exodus 4:10-12
 I am unavailable  The greatest training in the world will not be effective if you are 'unavailable'  Exodus 4:13



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