Entry: Just for Starters... Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Hello all! I am, and shall continue to be, the infamous Cow. For some reason, I've been allowed to help post on this blog, and in particular to try to represent and explain Catholicism. I've technically been a Catholic my whole life, although I didn't really understand my faith until a mere two or three years ago. Since then, I've spent loads of time discovering more about the Catholic Church, and hopefully I can cover my bases enough to give explanations of what we do, and why we do it.

First off, I want to say that the focus point of being Catholic is to worship, honor, and bring glory to God, above all else. We do NOT worship ANYTHING besides Him, especially not saints, Mary, or the Pope. The only reason we like them is because they help lead us to Christ.

Our fellow blogger, xxpinknblackxx, has already started getting into the Pope. I though that rather than try and explain everything there is to know about the Pope, it might be smarter to try and see what people want to know.

Do any of you readers, even you guys who don't look at this regularly but just found it blog-hopping, have any questions in particular about the Pope, or his position in the Church?


The Cow
January 16, 2004   10:44 AM PST
No, I just mean that I understand my faith...uh...hmm...

I've been Catholic the whole time, I was baptized, and I went to church all the time, but I didn't care. It was just this thing that my whole family did. I didn't actually think it would have anything to do with my life in the long run.

Then, thanks to the advice of Bing, I went to MI, where I noticed that there is NOTHING as important as the faith I was following. And then, thanks to Dr. Jerome, I got hooked up with YFL, and realized that my fellow Catholics were also the coolest people in the world, hands down.

Not something you want to ignore, in both cases.
January 13, 2004   11:57 PM PST
Actually, I do have a question.

When you say you've "technically" been a Catholic your whole life, does that mean you are more of a Catholic now that you understand your Faith or what?
January 13, 2004   11:18 AM PST
Hello Cowie. :)

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