Entry: Masturbation Thursday, January 01, 2004

   Is masturbation a sin? Sorry folks, I'm going to be as blunt as possible on this one! The arguments for this one are numerous on either side for this, so I decided I'd lay down myths that I found on this issue. This is mostly for those who are masturbating with 'a clean mind' implying that they are doing no obvious sin during it ( obvious sin meaning looking at porn, fantasizing, etc. These are sins which should not be done at all. ) I ( being a man ) wrote this to a male audience, but most of this should apply to women too.

Myth:   How is masturbation any different from intercourse during marriage?

   Intercourse is a gift from God. God wants us to populate the planet. You are NOT populating the planet with masturbation.

Myth:   God put in this 'release valve', so why can't I use it?

   No, the release valve is nocturnal emissions.

Myth:   Dreams during 'wet dreams' are usually what you would call sinful thinking, so isn't it better to do it while you're awake so that your not sinning?

   If you sin while your asleep, that means that you still desire to do something like that. Purge your mind of evil thoughts and you will not dream such things.

Myth:   How do I know that God does not want me to do it?

   What would be the point in nocturnal emissions then? And if God really wanted you to do it, the Bible would say something about it!

  If I didn't include some argument, please leave it in the comments. The biggest argument against masturbation is this: When you masturbate, somehow your always thinking of yourself, about how you want those 'high impact' feelings, about how you want to get rid of your errection, etc. This is not putting God first, therefore it is a sin.

  This is an issue that I struggled with for many months. It is a hard habbit to break. If you do masturbate, and you read this, I wish you luck!


January 23, 2004   09:41 PM PST
I read in a talk by a prophet that these "dreams" were natural and normal things and that if you didn't act apon them then you were okay
January 15, 2004   07:08 AM PST
Thank you a person!

One of the hardest things with masturbating is that it is like an addiction, it gives you too much pleasure to be able to break it without a struggle.

I read a good book as well... Every Young Man's Battle by Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker. Very good book, very straight foward.
A person :)
January 13, 2004   11:52 PM PST
First off, you are pretty brave to have put this up on a public website!

Second, if your dreams do have something sinful in them, but you do not agree with them, don't worry! I used to worry about this all the time, but after speaking with wise people, I came to realize that if I wasn't encouraging the dreams and I didn't agree with them, then there was no sin. What is in your subconcious cannot be controlled. If you don't will it, you can't have sinned.

I, from personal experience, know how terrible this can be. My best advice is to keep praying that God will help you because He helped me.

Now, just becaue this is a terrible thing in general, don't despair or beat up on yourself because that too is a sin! Just humbly ask God for mercy and the help you need to love yourself even though you aren't perfect. He still loves you!

And yes, the biggest sin in masturbating is that it is selfish! I found that my selfishness is my biggest problem and the sin I commit most in all areas of life.

And finally, there are whole chapters that address this issue in Christian books. The one that comes to mind is a new one by the author of "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". It was pretty well written.

I realize this is really really personal, but I want to offer all of you a lot of encouragement! I pray for all of you daily. God bless you!

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