Entry: Story! Wednesday, December 31, 2003

   Well, this post is going to be a story! I have recently been talking to someone ( a person who is an answer to prayers, by the way! ) who has been through more than her share of problems. Talking to her was another eye opener to what goes on in the world.

   She saved three kids from a river once, and came down with pneumonia, and now has chronic bronchitis ( nice work on saving the kids by the way! ). She has been a Young Marine, and plans on joining the Marines as a lance corpral.

   Her best friend tried to kill her with her own pocket knife, and was stabbed three times in the face and once in the right thigh. A guy that was in the Young Marines raped her. She said that the guy who did that loved Eminem's music. Eminem has a song that he wrote that tells how to rape a young girl ( it is not suprising then, where he got the idea from ).

   I always knew that stuff like this happened, but I never talked to a victim, so I always thought that it was a far away problem. I told her that it was a terrible thing that she went through, and I don't know if the guy that did it ever repented his act, but it was a terrible thing for him to do. Men should be the leaders. Most women look up to men as their leaders, and this should not be a responsibility taken lightly from men.

   I have done some terrible things myself, things which I don't know if I'll ever forgive myself for. But, on the bright side, I have come out a much better person then I was before because of it. I can love God all the more! I hope this is the same view that the gal from the story above takes.

   In conclusion, while I talked to her, she said something really inspiring to me. Here it is: "My sins are a great many, and my skin is cold, my memories are wicked but my touch and heart are warm"

   Thank you so much for sharing your story!


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