Entry: Long Story Friday, January 21, 2005

Today, I got sent to the principals office. I've never been sent to the principal's office before, nor nearly suspended!

Let me start from the beginning, which happens to be fourteen years ago. This was when my father was still alive, and we lived next to a man who we shall call Bob. Bob caused us nothing but trouble. I won't get into the details, as they're quite gruesome, but you get the point that he wasn't very nice to us.

I was, of course, too young to remember all this, but my family talks about it every once in a while. We moved a while later, and never saw Bob again ( not that we'd want to... ). Anyways, one day at school I saw Bob's name on the teacher list. Me and my accursed curiosity just had to see if he was the same person. Here's what I remember the conversation I had with him as, as non-exaggerated and non-biased as I can get it:
Me - "Hi, are you Mr. Bob?"
Bob - "I sure am, what do you need?"
Me- "I think I used to know you a long time ago, did you used to use a cane?"
Bob - "Yes. Why, did I came chasing after you with my cane?" ( yes, he really said that )
Me - "I think we used to be neighbors. We lived in ******" ( city sensored )
Bob - "Really... what's your name?"
Me - "******* *******" ( name sensored )
Bob - "Ah, yes."
Me - "My father's name was ***** *****"
Bob - "Yes, he was a brilliant man. How's your mom?"
Me - "Fine"
Bob - "You still live in the area?"
Me - "Yes"
Bob - "But I didn't come chasing after you with my cane."
Me - "You threatened to kill us!"
Bob - "Oh you must have the wrong person, I live in ****"

My mom had always told me that this man was dangerous, and not to go anywhere near him. I learned my lesson the next day ( today ) when I got called into the office.

The assistant principal blamed me for "prying into a teacher's personal life". I strongly disagreed with him that I did anything wrong. I told him I was very kind to Bob, and Bob could have told me to 'buzz off' if he had wished, and I would have left.

One peculiar thing about me is that I always seem to represent the side of an argument that isn't being well represented. The assistant principal insisted that I let the whole thing go, and I never think about it again. I asked him why I would be compelled to lie to myself about what happened, and that I was only in search of the truth. This did not make him happy, and we spent two hours talking.

The result of this discussion is that I signed a contract to never talk to Bob ever again, anywhere ( not that I would want to ). I don't think the assistant principal understood how little I actually care about this... One thing that I learned from him, however, is that you need to recount events to those that you're telling them to as accurately as possible. What if the ones you tell it to have to back up what you told them in front of a court, of a principal? ( I'm not saying that my family lied to me, all this just made me think about how I needed to be sure I had the facts straight )

If my assistant principal ever happens to read this, I wish that he'd realize that I'm sorry for arguing with him, and that I really do respect him and all he's done for the school. I'd also wish him luck on his own quest for truth in all aspects of his life.

To everyone else: Bringing up the past really isn't worth it, even if you have good intentions!

Edit: one last tidbit I want to leave you with: If this man had nothing to hide, why did he report me to an authority for what I did ( which wasn't much ). That's like if I asked one of the visitors on this site if they ever had children, and them calling the police!


April 12, 2005   12:57 AM PDT
I would get your parents involved. There is a law about students signing contracts such as that. The school and assistant principal could be at fault. I would also get your parent involved if this so called dangerous man was teaching at your school. Im praying for you, this guy sounds like trouble. Go with your gut feeling!!
February 27, 2005   04:40 PM PST
I wouldn't have gone to that man, Mr. Bob, to begin with, especially if you thought he was a dangerous man. And if I were Mr. Bob, I probably would have been freaked out, especially if I were innocent, if some kid had come up to me and told me that I had threatened to kill him and his family. For all I know, he may have something to hide, but I think you should leave him alone. After all, it won't do any good. The only thing that can help him, if you really think he needs help, is your praying for him.
God bless!
February 24, 2005   02:26 PM PST
how sad can schools get i mean signing contracts my school would just make me agree they wont want it in writing

January 21, 2005   05:27 PM PST
And one last thing... It just so happens that I missed a college level class because of this, and we learned a new essay format and we're going to take a test on it next time... ( meaning I'm going to fail it :( )

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