Entry: Blog being transferred to new site! Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I am slowly moving all the blogs from here ( http://megiddo.blogdrive.com ) to a new blog, that will better serve what this blog is meant to be. Unfortunately, there's no way to directly move all the posts from here to there, so I have to manually copy every post and comment ( not very fun ). As you can imagine, this process will take a while.

In the mean time, here's a screen shot showing what it looks like so far!
Linked due to picture size

I also want to mention that I'm ashamed at how many grammatical errors I'm finding!


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*sucks his thumb while rocking back and forth* So many grammer errors....
January 5, 2005   06:53 PM PST
I'm not ready to share the address yet, as I'm changing lots of things on a daily basis that would really mess visitors up :P.

Yes, I have to move all the posts since blogdrive.com seems to think you'll love them so much, you'll never move ( and therefore don't offer support for exporting ).

I could just link back here, I guess, but I like some of the ways the new blog manipulates the posts, and want to include the old ones in it.
January 5, 2005   04:32 PM PST
What's the new address?

Congratulations on moving! Do you really think you'll have to move all the old posts to the new site? Will you lose everything if you just leave this site up and never come back to it?

I just got a blog, as you know, but I'm grossly inexperienced, which explains the curiosity.

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