Entry: New Year's resolution Saturday, January 01, 2005

Let me share with you something I learned from my health class....

This following image demonstrates the 5 areas of health:

Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social. You need to be equally healthy between all 5 areas. It doesn't help if you excercise 40 times a day, but never talk to anyone.

Why did I give you this seemingly random health lesson? My new year's resolution is to work on areas that I've been neglecting...

I will follow this daily plan as much as possible in 2005:

  • 30 mins of excersing ( 10 mins of warm-up and anaerobics )
  • 20 mins of Bible study

    I pray that I will stick to this as often as I can.

    Anyone want to share their new year's resolution?


    May 9, 2015   06:22 AM PDT
    I was hoping keep blogging was one of them. It so unfortunate that you don't blog anymore now. Checked your new site but it's not active now.
    January 4, 2005   12:51 PM PST
    Shameless plug time... as Cow says. I have a blog! The address: gregaria.blogspot.com. Go and visit it today, especially if you want to hear from me while I'm away at college. God bless and talk to y'all later.
    January 2, 2005   07:08 AM PST
    Good for you! I'll keep praying for you.

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