Entry: Meditation Sunday, December 26, 2004

If you were to give God a gift, what would it be?


January 11, 2005   10:26 AM PST
hmm..my mind...my heart belongs unto him, but my mind is still of the world...the part that will never leave untill i part from this world, and with it, my soul becomes completely devoted, for to me, a soul is the essence of a person, everything they are, what they are all about.
December 31, 2004   01:52 PM PST
I'm givimg him what seems to be in the shortest supply for me... Time.

It's a sad thing when it seems like I'm "too busy for God"
December 29, 2004   01:56 PM PST
That's a tough question since He has everything and doesn't need anything, but since you asked, I'd give myself since that's what He asks for. What would you give?

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