Entry: A joke Sunday, October 10, 2004

I don't think I've ever mentioned this to y'all, but I work on computers for a hobby. Today I went to one of my client's houses, she told me a while ago she was having problems with her computer and needed help. Well, when I went over there, she wasn't there, but her husband was. Unfortunately, he didn't know what the problem was, but he did say that whenever he passed by his computer, he could hear an ocean in the background. I asked him if he was possibly hearing static over the speakers, but he said that he was actually hearing the tide coming in and out and that it went on like that all night, so he was really annoyed with it.

When I went into their computer room, I did indeed hear ocean-like sounds. I moved the mouse, and they instantly stopped. I ran the screensaver, and you could hear the sounds again ( I should mention in the screensaver, little fish were swimming around the screen ). I told him that the sounds were from his screensaver, and he said, 'You mean it's supposed to sound like that?' I then muted the screensaver for him.

I'm glad I was able to keep myself from laughing until I got home!


December 3, 2004   07:51 PM PST
That's hilarious! I would have had trouble keeping quiet as well :)

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