Entry: Evolution - Don't buy it for a second Thursday, July 08, 2004

Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

    One of the worst things that have happened to our culture is the "theory" of evolution. Society seems to accept evolution without question; the way that it has integrated with science, it seems like someone would be a fool not to believe in it. Please note, however, that you never find any evidences of evolution in text books, just the proposition of it and all experiments they do is based off the belief of it (making it seem that everyone accepts it).
    The very nature of evolution disproves itself. They believe that in the beginning, there was nothing. And out of the nothing, come a universe, capable of sustaining itself. Now if every action causes a reaction, where was the action? And how do you get an action when nothing existed?
    Then there are the laws of thermodynamics, which I have previously discussed.
Basically, they state that everything in the universe is running down. Evolution says things are running up, things are getting better.

    How exactly did a 'big bang' create order, anyways? To think about this problem on simpler terms, the chances of this happening are about the same as a computer making a program when it is generating random zeros and ones.

    Evolution states we evolved from other animals, but we don't see any transitional fossils. And if we did transition from other animals, how come we don't see animals in between states today? Did everything stop evolving?


January 3, 2005   08:00 PM PST
It's possible to draw conclusions by looking at fossilised skeletons of different ages and seeing the similarites and differences and seeing how one can lead to the other. How is this any less believeable than some fairy story about some great power creating everything in existence?
August 23, 2004   02:55 PM PDT
I believe that evolution is JUST a theory and a not a very good one at that. If you believe the Bible then very beginning of Genesis clearly states how the world began.

Evolution is taught and believed by people who just want SOMETHING that can be used to convince themselves that God doesn't exist. They correctly reason that if a God existed then they would have to follow his commands and give up their sins.

Everything is the universe IS running down because man is sinful and the world isn't perfect. It was once perfect but that was before man sinned only Heaven will be perfect.

Evolution has so many holes in it, some of which you mentioned. Animals didn't transition God created them all complete with one word...

My favorite bummer sticker relating to evolution is "Evolution IS science fiction"
July 19, 2004   10:28 PM PDT
Some people beleive god made the earth. Some people are afraid to believe in god. Those are the people we should be praying for.
July 18, 2004   04:55 PM PDT
Well, I believe that evolution is a theory. And nothing else. I don't think there's enough evidence to prove it or disprove it either way. But if it's true, that doesn't mean God's out of the picture. It just means God caused the Big Bang. As in, the universe may have started with a big bang, but it didn't start from nothing. As a bumper sticker once said, "The Big Bang Theory: God said the word and *BANG* it happened!" I love it!

Oh, and also, I don't know if the world is running down or up, but does that matter? Whichever way it's running, God will sustain it until it's time to let it go and put an end to this Heaven and earth and create a new Heaven and earth. But, still, it's an interesting question. Which way is the earth running? Up or down? ;)
July 8, 2004   03:53 PM PDT
I know this is getting repetitive, but I really want to emphasize this. Any comments?

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