Entry: Part Third: God as Man Friday, May 28, 2004

Intro: Who was Christ?
Many cases have been made against the claim that Jesus Christ, of Nazareth, son of a carpenter, is in fact the Son of God; and thereby, God Himself, One and the Same.

Assuming now, since our prior arguments, that there is a God, and the Gospels are the historical authority on the life Jesus Christ, let us now discuss in depth the figure of Christ Himself. First, He was a valid historical figure, meaning that He did exist; that is to say, no one can lucidly deny the validity of the Bible, while no one still can deny the events recorded within it’s pages.

What was Christ to most people? There are those, who do not believe that Christ even existed; which is entirely absurd, as we’ve proven from the historical authority of the Bible.

For most though, unfortunately, that a man named Jesus Christ actually existed isn’t enough evidence for them to believe He really was God. To some people, he was simply a mad man; a loony, making false claims, preaching untold doctrines, condemning Pharisees, (who happened to be respected as Holy Men) and beginning a religion that clearly challenged Jews and Gentiles alike! ‘What a nut, he’s off his cracker!!’ are some of the excuses given for Jesus’ outrageous behavior!

While others are under the assumption that Jesus Christ was simply a Holy Man from way back in the day, who founded a ‘feel good and get to heaven’ religion and just happened to fool some people into believing it.

Then there are even others, who will take a lot of what Christ says to heart; all the while utterly denying certain other parts of His Life and Teachings. And thus taking only a partial stance on Christianity.

So, who was Christ? Who did He claim to be? That Christ was God, Lord, Savior, and Creator of the world, is a revelation gifted personally to those who are willing to believe it. The reason we argue the case, is to eliminate all reasons for doubt. With no reason for doubt, there is no cause for denial. From the facts, it is clear that Christ did exist: that He did claim to be Christ; that He justified His claims; and thereby He was indeed who he claimed to be.

The rest is up to you.

Christ Existed:
It is a historical fact that Christ existed. Because of the validity of the Bible, we know without hesitation, that Christ, whatever He was, existed. Point in case.

Christ Claimed to be the Messiah:
It is important to realize that Christ, while being wholly and entirely God, He was also completely human from the moment of His conception! These were His claims: He claimed to be the Messiah, the Son of God, and yet still a Man in every respect. The question that is being presented, is ‘Did Christ, whom we know existed, claim that He, a man, was the Son of God, and God Himself?’ A casual examination of the Old Testament, or any of the early, early writings of the Jews, will reveal the long expected coming of the Messiah. That Christ claimed to be this Messiah, whose title since the book of Daniel was ‘Son of Man’, is clear from several examples in the Gospels. These are a couple:

a) No less than eighty times Jesus calls Himself the ‘Son of Man’, sixty-eight times in the Synoptic Gospels (Mathew, Mark, and Luke) and 12 times in the Gospel of John.

b) St. Peter makes his profession straight to Jesus’ face that ‘Thou art the Christ (The Messiah), the Son of the Living God’ Had Jesus thought that he misinterpreted this, He would have said so, but instead He praised him and told him that this had been revealed to Him by God.

Jesus, by His claims, unites His person, ‘His religious Messiaship’, and His mission, with the Messianic Prophecies of the Old Testament. He is, by claim, the fulfillment of those prophecies, and the Messiah that Jews had been waiting for. (Isaiah 53)

Christ Justified His Claims:
There are certain things to be expected of someone who claims to be God. We established in our first argument, that God, a supreme being, is perfect in every way! He is all knowing, all seeing, all loving, all present, and ‘the source and summit of all light and happiness’! If Christ was who He claimed to be, then he must be equally so: all perfect. So, how did Christ justify His claim of absolute perfection? By His Perfect Holiness, His wisdom, and the Miracles he performed.

Two chief ways that one might judge another’s Holiness, are by their sinless disposition, and by their perfection of the virtues they perform. Christ was free from every sin and imperfection. This was evident to all who saw Him. He said to His enemies, “Which of you shall convince me of sin?” and none dared reply. “He who had the liveliest perception of sin; who thirsted for the conversion of the whole world; who passed His life in calling men to repentance, this man never betrays the faintest suspicion that He Himself may stand in need of repentance and pardon”(Fr. Laux) One needs only to read the Gospels (which we have proven accurate) to find many examples of Christ’s charity, humility, gentleness, forbearance, patience, love of His enemies, and love of prayer.

Did Jesus know everything? Yes, He did. While lacking any form of previous education beyond what life with His perfect mother, and carpenter father had taught him, He amazed all those who saw Him by His knowledge of things: He reveals clearly the innermost life of God in the Blessed Trinity; He perfects flawlessly the Old Law. “The new kingdom of God which He preaches, is a spiritual kingdom: God is Lord over the hearts of men, and judges not only their deeds, but their very thoughts.”(Fr. Luax) Christ also revealed clearly events that were to take place before they occurred, and which God alone could have revealed.

A miracle is defined as ‘an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God’. There is not one who witnessed the miracles of Christ, who denies their reality. Even His enemies, admitted to the ‘supernatural origin’ of His miracles, though they didn’t see them as an act of God, but rather attributed them to Satan. His most significant miracle though, was His Resurrection from the dead. The Resurrection is the ultimate fulfillment of the Life of Jesus Christ; and God, who is the One and only Giver of life, is the only One, to whom Christ’s resurrection can be attributed. Once again, His enemies do not deny His resurrection, but this is a miracle that even they couldn’t attribute to Satan, who is incapable of creating life; only destroying it.

Christ was who He claimed to be:
From this conclusive evidence, it is reasonable to believe that Christ did indeed exist, claimed His Godhead, and justified His divinity, that the whole world might believe! Anyone think any different?


May 31, 2004   06:27 PM PDT
And yet, the arguments shall continue....
May 28, 2004   03:09 PM PDT
Nope! :) Man, you write great papers.

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