Entry: What is love? Tuesday, December 30, 2003

   I find that other people's defintion of love is astounding. They seem to think that love is a physical attraction ('Oh! It was love at first sight!').

   I was talking to my friend Garret the other day. I can't remember exactly what was said, but it was something like this.

   Garret said, "I have a new girlfriend. She's really cool."

   I said, "Nice, I wish I had a girlfriend..."

   Garret said, "Why don't you?"

   I replied, "Because the only way I would ever tell a girl that I love her is if I would be willing to marry her and care for her for the rest of my life."

   Garret said nastily, "Then you're just wierd."

   Love is not a word to be taken lightly and just thrown about at a whim. I promise you that 98% of the 'love at first sights' never last long. After the break-up, we have all these people wandering around saying how they lost all that mattered to them. How can you lose something that you never had unless you stole it? These people sadden me at their 'loss', yet disgust me for thinking that they could have it.

   So now that the word love has been disgustingly twisted, what word is there to describe a  willingness to do anything for them? Servanthood seems in the area of what I'm looking for, but a relationship should include two servants serving God and eachother, not a master and a servant.


March 6, 2005   02:23 PM PST
I think love is a delicate word that has no meaning. A defintion is made when somebody thinks they understand what a word is symbolized for, but that is it. Sure love has a meaning in your heart, but that is all. NO one can tell you what love is until you experience it for yourself.
January 25, 2004   05:51 PM PST
But you should tell the person your dating whatever you feel about them. I heard this today: "Falling in love are you? Are you sure you're not falling in lust?"
January 23, 2004   09:46 PM PST
Okay, i see were your coming from. All that junk you here like love at first sight, and soul mates. But just because your dating someone dosen't mean that you love them
December 31, 2003   07:43 AM PST
wow! very insightful, and i have to say i totally agree. personally i don't beleive in love at first sight because wouldn't that be very superficial. your basing it on how the person looks, nothing else. sure there could attraction but nothing else.

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