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    Friday, May 07, 2004

    The post below, is part two of the apologetics papers that I'm writing for school. It is really long! Anyway, I was hoping to get some feedback on it... is it too long? Did it make sense? Am I wrong? Ya know.

    Hope you're a more bible believin' person now!
    God Bless!

    Posted at 05:39 pm by Alex
    Comments (1)  

    Part the second: The Reliable Bible

    We have established, in our last argument , that there is a God; Or at least that there is reason for a God to exist. So let us simply assume that there is a God, and that He is everything that He is, and so much more; let us assume that these things are true.

    This will put us in a class, with the three religions that claim Divine Revelation: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. All of these look to a human founder, that is one who was especially favored by God, but only Christianity claims a founder that is both Human and Divine. This is a fact, but this is also extraordinary, to the point of lunacy; so it seems to many people. Did such an historical figure ever exist? What proof do we have that a man, named Jesus Christ, came to earth as the Son of the Living Breathing God, taking upon Himself the frailty of human nature; preaching, and teaching things that were beyond the greatest philosophical mind; performing miracle after miracle; dying a most terrible death, out of Love, and rising from the dead three days later, and ascending into heaven! What evidence do we have to tell us that the single most important event in history, actually took place? The sources are many, handed down through tradition, from the early Church Fathers. But the most important source, and the very first, was a firsthand account, from the men who gave their lives entirely over to Christ during His brief but significant stay on earth.

    One detail that will also be noticed about the three ‘One-God’ religions, is that every one of them uses a special book, which serves as the historical record on which their faith bases many of it’s beliefs. For Muslims, it’s the Koran; For Jews, it’s the ‘Good Book’ (which is essentially a Bible without the New Testament); And for Christians, it’s the Bible. So, rather than disproving the Koran, or the ‘Good Book’, it would be more worthwhile to prove, in an intellectual manner, the historical authenticity, of the internationally, and widely acclaimed New York Times Best Seller, the Bible.

    In order that one may see clearly the reliability of the Bible, it should suffice to prove the reliability of it’s four most important books: The Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There are three ways to determine the historical authenticity of a book: by it’s genuineness, it’s integrity, and it’s veracity; in other words, “if it be the work of the author to whom it is ascribed; if the text be substantially as it left the author’s hand; if it be shown that the author himself was well informed and truthful.” (-Fr Laux)

    How do you prove that a book that is supposedly written before 70 A.D. sometime, has any substantial amount of truth to it, or that it even existed for that allotted period of time? How do you take a peak into the unattainable past to look for the things you know to be true, or false? Certainly time travel is something that is yet to be desired, so we look to other means to judge as best we can what took place about 2000 years ago, when the Gospels were written.

    The Gospels are Genuine:

    The Genuineness of a book can be determined in view of two arguments: extrinsic, and intrinsic.

    Extrinsic arguments are chiefly the testimony of those writers that lived about the same time. (as an eyewitness or someone who would know.)

    Intrinsic arguments are those drawn from the content, style, and characteristics of the book itself.

    Extrinsic evidence of authenticity in the case of the Gospels is not difficult to encounter:

    a) The Didache, (i.e. the Doctrine of the Twelve Apostles, written between AD 80 and 100) quotes passages from Mathew and Luke. The Our Father, which is cited according to the text of St. Matthew, is introduced with the words: “As the Lord Commands in His Gospels.”
    b) The Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians (about A.D. 96) contains ten texts taken from the Gospels of Matthew and Mark.
    c) The Epistle attributed to St. Barnabas (about A.D. 100-130) contains many allusions to Matthew and several to Mark and Luke.

    There were also saints who were alive during this period of time(70-150 AD) that give clear testimony of the Gospels. St. Justin, who was a martyr during that time, narrates that the Gospels were read at the meetings of the Christians, among other things. Then there was St. Irenaus, a friend of St. Polycarp, who was a disciple of St. John, mentions the authors of the four Gospels:

    “Matthew published his Gospel among the Hebrews in their own tongue, whilst Peter and Paul were preaching and founding the Church in Rome. After their departure Mark, the disciple and interpreter of Peter, handed down in writing to us those things which Peter had preached; and Luke, the attendant of Paul, wrote a book the Gospel which Paul had preached. Affterwards John, the disibple of the Lord, who alos reclined on His bosom, published his Gospel while staying at Ephesus in Asia” (Adversus Haereses)

    So, it is clear that the Gospels did indeed exist, and were written sometime before the year 70AD; and were in use sometime after that. It was well said by one Archbishop Sheehan, “Probably there is not one of the pagan classics, whose genuineness can be supported by such convincing evidence. No one disputes that Caesar was the author of the Commentaries on the Gaalic Wars, and yet the only ancient references to the work are found, about one hundred years after its composition, in the writings of Plutarch and Suetonuis.”

    There are still things to observe from a careful examination of the Gospels themselves. (Intrinsic evidence)
    a) The Synoptic Gospels are written in Hellenistic Greek; which was a literary medium employed by many Jewish writers during the first century after Christ, but not later.
    b) The style of the Gospels was vivid and colorful; only men who had witnessed these events first hand could have described them in such a manner.

    The Gospels are Intact

    “Even the most radical opponents of Christianity admit that the Gospels have come down to us substantially intact; that is free from any grave alterations and additions.” (Fr. Laux)

    During the time of St. Justin, it was a grave matter to alter in any way, the words of the Gospel. There was a great deal of fear among the translators, about becoming corrupters of the text. This was not a groundless fear, for St. Augustine gives one such account: “A bishop of our province, having begun to read your translation of the Bible in his church, came to a passage of the prophet Jonas, which you have translated differently from what was known to the memory and ears of everyone, and sung during many generations. Thereupon a great tumult arose among the people, caused principally by the Greeks, who called out that the text was falsified…. The bishop, not to remain without a flock, after this great danger, was obliged to correct the passage as if it was a fault.”

    One might object, “Does not the earliest existing manuscript of the New Testament date only from the fourth century? Isn’t it therefore possible that any number of changes may have been introduced into the Gospel text during the preceding centuries?” Besides the earliest Greek Manuscript, the Codex Vaticanus referred to in the objection, there are other manuscripts, nearly as old, and copied from the Vaticanus. These are the Codex Alexandrinus, the Codex Sinaiticus, and the Codex of St. Ephrem. Every one of these texts agrees substantially with one another. They also agree with numerous quotations contained in the texts of the Christians before them.

    Hence, there is no doubt that the Gospel’s have remained substantially as they were written in the beginning, even though the originals made by the Apostles are no longer in existence. If this is not evidence enough, you might think about this:

    “The earliest manuscript of Horace dates from the 7th century, of Cicero from the 9th, of Euripides from the 13th, and yet no one doubts that these manuscripts are the unaltered descendants of the originals.

    The Christian Gospels are thus in a far stronger position than the Greek and Roman classics, and no one would ever have thought of questioning their integrity, but for the fact that they report miracles and prophecies and contain a Divine law of belief and conduct against which the Rationalist and the Irreligious of every description rebel.”

    The Gospels are Truthful

    It is to be considered that the Authors of the Gospels (The Evangelists) knew the fact that they were recording. For the Gospels to be without truth, would be for the Apostles to have lied; and all four narrative accounts are quite clear on the evil of lies and hypocrisy! Had they not been truthful themselves, they would have been more despicable than the hypocrites they condemned!

    What reason would the Apostles have for deceiving the world? Why would they lie for the sake of bringing trouble and ruin upon themselves? And most importantly, why would they willingly die for a lie? Maybe they didn’t know they would die as a result of this lie? No. The evangelists knew that what they would preach would be a supreme accusation of the most serious nature to Jews and Gentiles. Pascal rightly states “I willingly believe historians whose witnesses are ready to suffer death itself to maintain the truth of their testimony.”

    One may notice that at some points, the Gospels contradict each other. This may seem a disturbing disadvantage to our argument. However, these apparent contradictions furnish an additional argument in favor of the veracity of the Evangelists. If Mathew, Mark, and Luke were imposters, surely they could have taken the immense amount of time they spent together to avoid even the appearance of contradiction.

    Finally, the authors had to tell the truth, for they weren’t the only ones who had seen and heard Jesus while he was living. So, they could not have published such falsities without encountering resistance, and being taken to task.

    The Bible.
    Let is be said, that the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John completely fulfill the tests of their genuineness, integrity, and veracity, and thereby can be considered completely authentic historic accounts of the past! As a result, it can also be said, that the Gospels are the historical authority on the Life and Death of Jesus Christ!

    Posted at 05:35 pm by Alex
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    Tuesday, May 04, 2004
    The history of Megiddo

    • Acts 20:24 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me, if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me--the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace

    I am Megiddo ( no, that's not my real name ), and I wish to serve God to the fullest possible. My greatest reward in life is to come one small inch closer to God ( over and over, of course ). Though that may not seem like much of an accomplishment, you'd be surprised how many miles fly by if you push inch for inch.

    I had been told my whole life that I was saved at the age of five, though I couldn't remember it. I doubted my faith. This, of course, put great strain on me; I was always wondering where I would spend eternity. I felt separated from my church and family, though I could never tell them.

    Then one summer, I went to a Bible camp, and something clicked. It was the best time that I had ever had there, and I learned so much. My counselor at camp was especially helpful, he had a burning desire for the Lord, who I so desperately wanted to serve.

    The same counselor told us one night during Bible study, “Salvation is not a feeling, Satan will often make you think that you're not saved.” I realized that this sounded just like a trick Satan would want to pull, as it kept me in deep turmoil and questioning. So... I stopped doubting!

    Ever since that time, I've been growing closer to my Savior. I have been bought with a price, and there isn't anything that I can do for Him that will possibly repay my debt ( though he does not require anything from me to repay it ).

    I am not always 'on track' with Him. I have days that I turn away from him, but I always come back to Him with an even stronger relationship.

    If you could choose one thing to learn from my life, I hope that you would no longer doubt God or His love for you. There is evidence for God beyond our imagination in our very breath. And He loves us more than we could ever possibly write in the most descriptive words.

    If there is anything else you'd like to know about me, feel free to ask!


    More about me:
    I have two brothers, and I am the youngest of my family. My father passed away when I was 2 and my mom has never remarried. My mother's side of the family is Christian, my father's side Mormon.

    We have two cats, one name Misty and the other Pippin. We used to have some rats ( pet rats! ), but we were allergic to them and had to get rid of them.

    My hobbies include computer programming, web development, writing, praying, reading, 3D level design, fixing computers, network managing, etc.

    I ran out of time to write for now... I'll add more later!

    Posted at 08:49 pm by Megiddo
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    Monday, May 03, 2004
    I attend SA meetings. haha on you.

    *stands up* My name is Alexis and I am a sinaholic. That's all. Oh yeah, what do you think of this poem? Who can say for certain What tomorrow brings? Who can say for sure When I'll own miraculous things? There is only one single person Who knows this all for sure And He's the one we turn to When we need and ask for more Who will always stay true In each and every way? His grace is deep within me His presence will always stay For He is my Savior My redeeming Light The One who never leaves me Who guides me through the night And when I'm having troubles He'll carry me all the way He is my God The one who'll always stay -Alexis A*******

    Posted at 02:56 pm by xxpinknblackxx
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    Sunday, May 02, 2004
    The countdown

    Matthew 24:

    40Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.

    45"Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? 46It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns. 47I tell you the truth, he will put him in charge of all his possessions. 48But suppose that servant is wicked and says to himself, 'My master is staying away a long time,' 49and he then begins to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with drunkards. 50The master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him and at an hour he is not aware of. 51He will cut him to pieces and assign him a place with the hypocrites, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.



       Let me share with you something that came to my mind this week. My mom had been gone to Romania for three weeks... and what would you find me doing on the day of her return? Desperately clean up the house as fast as I possibly could. Granted, I did not let the house go to rot in her absence, but I did want the house to sparkle for her arrival.
       Why was I doing this? I wanted to impress her, let her know that she could trust me to take care of things! ( as opposed to being grounded for the rest of high school ) I was able to get that nice sparkling feeling in the house, ( thank you late airplane arrival! ) but while I was flying from room to room cleaning, I thought about the cleanliness in our lives.
       How would you feel if God came to your house today? What would he see?
       We all live like we are never going to die, but this is unbelievably incorrect. We can die, we just avoid the thought of it. Avoiding the thought of death won't help you!
       If you died right when you finished reading this, what would God say about your life?

     To quote Switchfoot's song 'Dare you to Move' :

      "I dare you to move
      Like today never happened
      Today never happened before"

    Posted at 06:00 pm by Megiddo
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    Ugh... virus

       You just gotta wonder what kinda jerk does all this hard work in programming to make something that breaks down computers. GRRR! Anyways.. I got this virus

    W32.SASSER.B.WORM, I dislike thee.

       Let me tell you my not so funny experience with it. I was called by one of my mom's friends to fix his computer. He said that he couldn't connect to the internet very well.
       I went up to his house, looked at his comp.... and scratched my head. He had a fairly top of the line computer with an ancient modem. Took forever to connect, and only went at 7Kbps.
       So I went to a nifty web site and got him a new, top of the line modem for only $4 ( yay for good deals! ). He was quite pleased, and I set his current modem to update windows ( he had never done it ).
       After about one hour and a half, I checked on it. I look at the screen and think, "arg, it restarted and lost the download... why 7kbps?" I then go into windows and tried to connect. When I connected, the computer popped up with one of those ever-so-enjoyable error windows. This one said that an importand process had stopped and I had 30 seconds to bail out of whatever I was doing before the computer restarted.
       I think, "Well... at least I found why it stopped last time!" So I pain-stakingly wait for Windows to start back up, drumming my fingers on the desk through it all. When it finally starts, I go into the logs on Windows. The ones that had info on the error reported something like this, "The computer has no idea where the error came from! Aren't you happy?"
       Then I go through a mental list of about 100 things that this error could be from. Of course, a virus was on the list, but it was underscored as unlikely because of the snail pace of this guy's modem. Thinking the most time-saving, effective solution was to format the hard drive and re-install, I took it home to work on. ( currently, the computer is at my feet as I type )
       When I get home, I boot up my mom's computer so I can play some tunes. Before I continue, though, let me explain to you about my computer set-up. I have two computers in my house, one of which is mine. The one that is my mom's has the internet connection, so I hook my computer up to hers through a LAN ( local area network ) connection. The program I use to play music requires an internet connection.
       Well... I connect to the internet just fine, play my music. I start messing around on my mom's computer, only to find that there is some wierd thing going on so that I can't access anything on the internet from her computer. Obviously, something is amiss if I can use the internet on a computer on the network, but not on hers.
       So I'm innocently trying to discover the problem when... BAMM I run straight into the same error box saying that I had 30 seconds to bail from my computer. I'm starting to think that today's is my extremely lucky day ( sarcasm ). I look at the logs once the computer starts back up. Suprise! Same exact error... down to the computer not knowing where it came from.
       Suddenly, a virus rises to the top of my list as a culprit. I start looking for proccesses running that would obviously be a virus, and find none. I try updating the virus scanner that protects the comp, but it still can't access the internet. Eventually... I was able to get the virus scanner to update and quickly got rid of the viruses.
       I look at the virus I got and think about how lucky I was to get the virus the day it came out ( meaning that the computer wouldn't be protected against the virus ). Then, I think how especially lucky I was that the virus chooses it's next victim on the internet randomly.
       Let this post/rambling serve lesson to you! ( though... I don't know what the lesson is... )

    Posted at 05:04 pm by Megiddo
    Comments (1)  

    Wednesday, April 28, 2004
    Lesson in the 'Lore Of Cow'

    I am The Cow.

    The Infamous Cow, to be proper, and just plain old Cow to anybody who likes me enough to be familiar with me. I'd tell you what I look like, but that doesn't really matter, as that really doesn't matter. The only thing you'll ever know for sure about me is what I tell you, and what we talk about. The blessing and the curse of the internet, eh?

    This is, as best as I can tell it, my life and my faith, plain and simple:

    First Fact Of Life: I am a Catholic.

    I know that oftentimes Catholicism is misunderstood, especially by other Christians, so let me just say this:

    I have never worshipped Mary. Catholics never had. I have never worshipped any saint, ever. Neither has any real Catholic. I read the Bible, and so do all practicing Catholics. Dissimilar to any of the other denominations of Christianity, we have a Pope (Right now, it's a fellow by the name of John Paul II) leading us, who we also don't worship. The only reason we like saints, Mary, popes or anything else faith-related, is because they are reminders of Christ.

    Nothing is as important as a personal, honest relationship with Christ, and NOTHING should get in the way of that.

    That sentence there, leads me to several important and controversial political issues, which are directly affected by my being Christian, including abortion, gay marriage, and a whole bunch of stuff concerning priests, including being married, or being a woman.  If you want to argue with this stuff, I'd be happy to, but be forewarned I do have 2,000 years of tradition backing me up.

    Okay, so there's the first fact of my life for you: I'm proudly and solidly Catholic.

    Second Fact of Life: My family is awesome, no matter what I say. We're far from perfect, but we're a family. That's the closest bond you can have with anybody, is to make them family. I first saw the light of Christ glowing though my parents, and my 3 brothers are the best I could hope for, and I'll love them till it kills me. And it has come close from time to time, let me tell you...At one time, I actually *did* jump off a cliff to try and help my brother after he fell. You may notice that jumping off a cliff to help somebody who just fell off a cliff may not help them too much, but it was spur of the moment, and it's the thought that counts, right?

    Third Fact Of Life: I am more than thoroughly convinced that I am part of the greatest circle of friends since the 12 Apostles. Honestly. I'm not exaggerating in the least, as odd as it may seem. We didn't meet at school, or at a concert, or at work. We don't even go to the same church. But nonetheless, we stand together, facing the world against us, as Catholics, as brothers and sisters, and fight the good fight. I would trust any one of the men with my life, and I would rather die than let one of my sisters be harmed. It sounds so archaic, and weird, and I know it also know it's moderately easy to say you'd die for somebody and somewhat another thing to go get killed in real life. Insofar as I can think into the future, I would face the day bravely with them at my side. I'm pretty sure they feel the same, although I don't think I've even talked about it all with them. Some things, you just know. 

    2 Yars and a Huzzah!!!

    Let me think, about how many of us are there? I'd say about 30 of just of the high-school and college age guys, but it's somewhat more complicated than that. Not only do we enjoy each other, but we EVEN like our parents! And younger siblings!!! What the heck kind of gang are we, huh? So as long as several dozen best friends, I also have 8 or 9 more sets of moms and dads looking out for me. And we also adopt any grandparents who are willing to hang out with us. And we do tend to stick in groups, so there are already a bunch of us reading the site. You can expect some strange familiarity in the comments boxes from all of us.

    In other unrelated stuff, I'm a youngish, bigish fellow. I'm actually quite a strange fellow, now that I have to write about me. I'm on the verge of becoming a through-and-through rocker, and love a good, ear-splitting racket to do my work to. The best band in the universe? Five Iron Frenzy. That's right.

    But next to some good rock music, I love nothing in school as much as a good pile of English homework, and I run a fake magazine about the various happenings and thoughts I've been around lately. But when I'm not rocking out, and typing up a storm, I'll go pray at the church up the street, read theology books or  church documents, to try and better understand everything better. Spend a lot of my time on the phone, on my email, on instant messenger, or on sites like this one talking about God with various and assorted people who'll take the time to listen. Sometimes, I can do all of those at ONCE!!!

    No, not really. Just kidding.

    Shameless Self-Promotion Plug: My homepage, which I run with two good fellows by the name of Paul and Alex is also pretty awesome. You can go check us out at

    Anyhow, that's just about the basics. Oh, and I like long walks on the beach and pina coladas at sunset. Any further questions can be asked in the comments box, I suppose.

    Posted at 11:06 am by The Cow
    Comments (10)  

    Saturday, April 24, 2004
    This is Alex

    ...or at least, this is the biography of Alex.

    As far as any of you are concerned, I’m a saint; and the fact that you haven’t met me yet, is simply another sign of the sad state of world affairs. Wow, don’t I just radiate humility? No, not really, but that’s what we’re here for, so by gum, that’s what I’m striving for: “ON TO SAINTHOOD!!”

    As of the moment, 4/21/2004 8:20P.M., I am about 16 years of age; and I have been for about 6 months now. In the next few paragraphs, I will attempt to enlighten you on different aspects of myself for the sake of shining some sort of luminosity on the maniac behind the madness.

    I am a Catholic. And I’m pretty sure that I’ve been Catholic since before I was potty trained, though I can’t remember exactly when that was… this is proof that I got my priorities straight at a very young age. My first priority, period, is my faith! Everything else is subsequent.

    Second to my faith, is my family. I am the second oldest of 7 children, who all come from the same two parents who have been happily married for almost 20 years! It’s not very hard to stay in shape when you live with so many guys, little as they may be. When I’m not being brutally beaten by the afore mentioned, I’m babysitting the two youngest, or standing someone in a corner, or changing a diaper, or making lunch, while simultaneously trying to accomplish a small amount of school, among other things. Life is beautiful! Oh, and just so you know, true joy is a pair a warm dry clothes after a dampening experience.

    I’m your typical, ordinary, average, everyday, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum, Pro-life, Catholic, Home-shooler! I attend a Mass in Latin every Sunday in Seattle, am part of a pro-life youth group(run by youth;), and on top of that, I have the greatest friends that anyone could ask for! Mr. Meggido may or may not have realized this, but a fairly good portion of the people on this site, are actually a very close, very Catholic circle of friends in Washington; and they truly are the greatest!

    So I guess, that’s the general order of my priorities: Faith, Family, Friends, and everything else.

    What else? I enjoy going to the park to play capture the flag, which by the way, is the ultimate sport! No kidding! I like Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball, Basketball, but Capture the Flag is really the best all around work out. Recently though, I’ve found a keen new interest in Wake Boarding, and Ice-Skating! I run, but I don’t do track and field. When I do run, I take a 3 ½ mile run, which takes me 20 minutes. I also enjoy walking very long distances from one destination to another, bare-foot, wearing a T-shirt with big bold letters that say, “Pro-Life”!

    I’ve played pianer for eightish years now… which is long enough, for me, to learn more about it than someone who knows nothing. Music is a pretty big part of my life in fact. Some of my favorite ‘bands’ are: Five Iron Frenzy, Relient K, Newsboys, Supertones, Brave Saint Saturn, to name only a few; all come very highly recommended! But those are only rock bands. I also quite enjoy many jazz artists, as I am an unofficial jazz pianoist.(Yes, I meant to spell it that way) Oldies will never die. But some of my favorite music of all time, is what is commonly known as ‘classical’ music; Beethoven, Liszt, Shubert, Brahms, Gershwin, Debussy, Joplin, Mozart are a few of my favorites that come to mind! I also love choir music. In fact, the only kind of music that I really don’t like a whole heck-of-a-bunch, is Country; and for those of you who do like country, I will agree that not all country is dead dogs, second wives, beer, and eviction, but most of it is. There are exceptions, very good exceptions.

    Other than music, I really like to think, and thus I like to write. And that is why I enjoy Blogging. I think it’s totally awesome to have this Blog, which is entirely dedicated to faith issues and whatnot! It gives me the chance to write about my nearest and dearest entity of thought; God. God really is the Source and Summit of all Light and Happiness! And that’s cause for thought by itself eh?

    Well, now you probably all know more about me than you ever cared to. I’m glad to be here; and it is my fondest hope that those of you who read this, and will never have a hope of ever meeting me in this life, might have cause to meet me in the next.


    Posted at 08:42 pm by Alex
    Comments (11)  

    Thursday, April 22, 2004
    rockin out to some showtunes

    Alrighty... Has anyone ever seen Jesus Christ, Superstar? It's an amazing rock opera and I love it to death. I'm not even kidding. I saw it in Seattle on its off Broadway production on 2003 and I've loved it ever since. The music is amazing and ahhh it's just a really wonderful show. If it's EVER near you I recomend you see it. You don't even have to be religious... a great woman once pointed out to me that the Bible is the best book around... multiple great plots, eh?  I think so... I love this musical!!!

    The reason this all sprang up is because I just downloaded some music from the show.


    Jesus Christ Superstar chronicles the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth as seen through the eyes of his disciple, Judas Iscariot, who has become disillusioned with the movement. At the opening of the play, Judas agonizes over his perception that Jesus' followers have become fanatical and unrealistic, hailing him as a god and twisting his words into monstrous prophecies. After all, in Judas' mind, Jesus is only a man--a man with certain inconsistencies, as evidenced by his relationship with Mary Magdalene. As the crowds in the street grow more and more out of control, the rift between Jesus and Judas grows. After watching Jesus lose control in the temple, lashing out at the moneylenders and merchants, then begging to be left alone when a crowd of cripples surround him asking to be healed, Judas is more convinced than ever that the man from Nazareth is just that--a man, and nothing more. He determines that Jesus, having lost control of the mob, has become dangerous and must be stopped. He goes to the priests and gives them all the information they need to catch Jesus alone so that they can take him prisoner without risking violence by the mob. After leading the soldiers to Gethsemane, however, and watching the events that unfold, Judas soon realizes that he has been tricked by God into being the instrument of Jesus martyrdom. Furious that the man from Nazareth will be remembered as a "Superstar," Judas hangs himself.

    Its amazing too...

    This is the song Judas sings...

    Everytime I look at you I don't understand
    Why you let the things you did get so out of hand?
    You’d have managed better if you’d had it planned
    Why’d you choose such a backward time and such a strange land?
    If you’d come today you could have reached a whole nation
    Israel in 4 BC had no mass communication
    Don’t you get me wrong - I only want to know
    Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
    Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
    Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
    Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
    Jesus Christ Superstar
    Do you think you’re what they say you are?
    Jesus Christ Superstar
    Do you think you’re what they say you are?
    Tell me what you think about your friends at the top
    Who’d you think besides yourself’s the pick of the crop?
    Buddah was he where it’s at? Is he where you are?
    Could Mahomet move a mountain or was that just PR?
    Did you mean to die like that?
    Was that a mistake or
    Did you know you messy death would be a record breaker?
    Don’t you get me wrong - I only want to know
    Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
    Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
    Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ
    Who are you? What have you sacrificed?
    Jesus Christ Superstar
    Do you think you’re what they say you are?
    Jesus Christ Superstar
    Do you think you’re what they say you are?

    I'll leave you with that... Jeez this musical is good.

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    Proverbs 29
    25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare,
    but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.

    Posted at 07:30 am by Megiddo
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