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    Monday, April 19, 2004
    Part the first: How do you know that God exists?

    Anything that is to be said in debate of the true existence of a God unseen, is to be based upon a universal fact known as the law of casualty: “Anything which begins to exist, must have been brought into existence by something distinct from itself.” This is just as evident a fact as is 2+2=4. All, without the help of philosophical argumentation, know and understand this law.
    What about a man, who claims to see no evidence of the existence of God? The first thing that one should realize of such a man, is pity, rather than anger; hope, rather than impossibility. Those that know not God, know not also that God knows them; not only knows, but also created and loves them! And not only loves, but loves unconditionally, and eternally! This, when it is realized to it’s full extremity, (which is not at all possible), is, very understandably, incredibly unbelievable to many people. This is the chief reason that one doubts the existence of God, denial.

    So it follows that the various arguments by which our reason proves conclusively the existence of God may be divided into two groups: Those which are derived from the contemplation of the visible world; and those which are derived from the contemplation of the human soul. These two arguments in turn are divided up into two more arguments per group: the Teleological, Cosmological, Historical, and Moral Arguments.

    First Group
    The Teleological Argument is the argument, which is brought about by the contemplation of the wonderful orderliness, and purpose arrangement of the universe.
    From the very existence of the world, from the movement of life in the world, we infer the existence of some Cause different from it and superior to it, of some original giver of life and motion. This is called the Cosmological Argument, from the Greek word kosmos meaning world.

    Second Group
    Man is by nature both a religious and a moral being. From the examination of the religious nature of man, we drive what is known as the Historical Argument; and from the consideration of his moral nature, the Moral Argument for the existence of God.” –Fr. John Laux(On whose book this argument is based)

    And so it begins:

    Consider life. We have stated the law of casualty, in which all agree that everything must come from something distinct from itself. If this is true, when did life begin? What caused ‘life’? These are questions that are posed to the Cosmological Argument, the argument concerning God and the Origin of the Universe.

    Of the three main systems of beliefs, Materialism, Pantheism, and Theism; only Theism is capable of explaining the ‘origin of the universe’.

    Pantheists believe that “We ourselves and all around us are merely the manifestation of one and the same Substance, one original Force that thinks in man, seizes its prey in a wild beast, unfolds bud and leaf in an oak, darts through the clouds in lightning, strikes the cliff in a storm wave.” According to the Pantheist, we are all God, or a part of God.

    Materialism is believed that “We ourselves and all around us, earth and all the stars, are due to chance, the product of whirling Atoms, how arisen, how ending, known to none.”

    Both Materialism, and Pantheism agree in rejecting the reality of a personal God, and therefore both are irreconcilably opposed to Theism, which says, “All has arisen from the fiat of an intelligent Creator, and all exists in consequence with a definite purpose”.

    Pantheism does not answer our question about the origin of life, because in order for it to be true, Pantheism must contradict itself. You see, if everything that is, must have a cause, then there are, and always will be an infinite number of smaller causes; but an infinite series with no beginning is where we run into a contradiction. Because, the beginning has to have a cause; but the cause has to have been before the beginning. If Pantheism is true, then there was no greater ‘cause’ to create a beginning, because we are all a manifestation of the ‘Cause’; and being human, we physically cannot be our own creators, because we are finite, and have not always been. The ‘cause’ of humanity, has to have been, before mankind was; this ‘cause’ is infinite and, obviously, this is not we.

    Materialism, answers the question of our existence, like a pair of spectacles answers a hearing problem. Materialism cancels itself out, for many of the same reasons that Pantheism is false. They, the materialists, believe that life was brought into existence by random whirling of atoms that suddenly came together and created life. This makes obvious the reason why life might seem so insignificant to many people; for if you believe that life was brought about by ‘eternal’ random airborne atoms, what is life worth living for? Furthermore, Matter, cannot be self-existent of it self from all eternity. This is the contradiction. According to law of casualty, everything that is, had to have a beginning, or had to become of something else; so where did the matter come from? Here, there is no explanation, except that matter has always existed, which of course is absurd. Matter cannot set itself in motion, cannot produce organic life, sensitive life, consciousness, reason, thought, speech, moral goodness, order, beauty. It was well said by Fr. Laux, “It is surely the strangest aberration of the human mind, to use the words of a modern philosopher, when Materialism placed the Atom on the throne of God.

    The preceding are only a few arguments on the reasonableness of the existence of a Supreme Being, Who is Eternal, and self-existent. (Theism) God is the reason for all things! “In His own image and likeness He created them, Man and Woman…” We are His most wonderful creations, and yet we are the only of His creations that has the nerve to defy His existence! This is because we, as human beings, are the only of His creations, that have been given free will, thought capability, and most importantly, an immortal soul!!! God Exists. Strange how so many people are offended by this fact. This is such good news!!! One would think they would be more shocked to hear that He didn’t exist. But so many are tone deaf to that fact, that they don’t even bother taking time to think about the impact of such a statement! He lives. …

    Posted at 04:15 pm by Alex
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    Thursday, April 15, 2004

    While Mr. Meggido informed me that he would like me to make my first post an introduction and backround, I have not quite gotten around to doing that, although I am working on it. In the mean time, I thought I'd post something else. The following is a speech that I've already posted my Blog; it's a speech that I wrote for an annual Pro-Life Speak for Life Contest that I entered a month or so ago. Enjoy, and feel free to contradict, question, and critic as you please:


    “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”; the American Dream.

    This is what freedom means for most Americans. But freedom, unfortunately
    has become, in my opinion, one of the most abused words in today’s culture;
    and is thus, largely an issue, in the pro-life movement.

    There are two ways to look at freedom; as a pro-choicer, and as a pro-lifer.

    When you’re pro-choice, freedom to you is like a house, ‘builded on the sand
    ’. Many years ago, a Spanish statesman described the consequences of
    materialistic teaching in the following words: “The professor, who has
    patented his own wisdom, proclaims form his chair in the university: ‘there
    is no God.’ The ruler in his palace hears the news with astonishment and
    hastens to apply it to his own conscience and says: ‘There is no justice.’
    It finds an echo in the eras of the criminal and he says to himself: ‘There
    is no guilt.’ Flaming youth hears it and draws the logical conclusion:
    ‘There is no virtue.’ It comes to the knowledge of the subject, and he
    argues correctly: ‘There is no law.’ When it reaches the streets of the
    city, blood flows, and above the roar of the cannon and the rattle of the
    musketry we hear the howl of the mob: ‘Away with God, Heaven and Eternity.

    Our culture today has become one of moral decay, spiritual dumbness, and
    selfish, ill-gotten happiness. For example, at this year’s annual March in
    Olympia, I had the chance to discuss views with a young woman of 19, who
    demonstrated pro-choice opinions. One of her arguments was, “I think that it
    would be selfish for me to have a baby right now, because I couldn’t support
    I, and it would be miserable.” These are the words of a nineteen-year-old
    ‘pill-baby’! This woman is stating that it would be more right for her to
    end the life of her child, under the assumption that is has/hasn’t started,
    so that she herself would not have to take on the responsibility of raising
    it! The punishment, if that’s what you can call childbirth, should fall on
    the one who made the decision, not the one that was caused by it.

    Freedom to most pro-choicers, is merely an excuse, to get away with that
    materialism that tells them, life is only important… when it’s convenient!
    Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and a largely important
    role in the pro-choice movement, was once quoted saying, “A free race,
    cannot be born of slave mothers.”

    So, what does it mean to be pro-choice? It is denial!! (Especially in the
    issue of abortion.) In denial of the fact that life is precious; in denial
    of themselves; in denial of the true happiness in doing the right thing. In
    denial of the sadness which is indefinitely attached to murder! And most
    importantly, in denial of their conscience. Mother Theresa of Calcutta once
    said, “There are two victims in every abortion… a dead baby, and a dead

    Now, let me tell you why I’m pro-life, and what freedom means to me.

    I’m pro-life because I’m here right now talking, breathing, and living… and
    because a third of my generation, isn’t. A third of my generation was
    killed, by legalized abortion in the United States! Killed by doctor’s who
    thought they had the power to decide whether or not a child should be given
    the chance to talk, to breathe, and to live, as I am doing today!

    I’m pro-life in a culture that bases the quality of life on convenience,
    fairness, feelings, opinion, and undesirable circumstances; rather than the
    simple moral code of right and wrong, good and evil.

    I’m pro-life, because there is a difference between right and wrong, good
    and evil; and it’s worth fighting for, living for, and dying for! Sure, none
    of us are perfect! In fact, none of us even come close to being perfect! But
    the difference between right and wrong, remains the same; and people are
    separated by those who try, and those who don't. We are raised to stand up
    for what we believe in, and take a positive stance in the issues that matter
    most; but this goes beyond personal beliefs or opinions.

    I’m pro-life, because I believe that the world can change; that those
    considering abortion might come to realize sooner or later, that their
    choice , is a matter of life and death! Can realize that they were in
    denial; and can learn to live to love; and to love the lives outside of
    their own.

    To be pro-life, is to fight a battle within the walls of the city.

    To be pro-life, is to be, the conscience of the America! Conscience, a word
    that is defined as ‘the awareness of a moral or ethical aspect to one's
    conduct together with the urge to prefer right over wrong’ by

    To be pro-life, is it’s own justification; the very fact that I am up here
    today, and I have life in me. I am a living, breathing justification of the
    pro-life movement!

    So many in this greatest country, have taken to the words freedom, like
    their lives depended on it. And the truth of the matter is, lives do depend
    on it. Over 40 million lives, depended on their mother’s choice from the
    years 1973-1998! And those 40 million lives, are not in existence today,
    because of pro-choice freedom. 40 million lives may not seem like a huge
    number to many people, compared the world population; to those people I say,
    ‘start at 1. And count by ones, until you get to 40 million. Then tell me
    that you haven’t changed your mind.’ According to these figures, 15 innocent
    lives have been the victim of pro-choice freedom, in the time it has taken
    me to deliver this speech!

    The fact that lives depend on freedom is a complete contradiction of any
    pre-conception that a woman should have the freedom to abort their children’
    s lives! Here is the answer: We are given the freedom to what is right, no
    less. So what do we do? What is the answer? We do what we have always done,
    which is to pray, and love all those around us. St Francis of Assisi said,
    ‘Preach the Gospel, and when necessary, use words’. But what is the answer
    to pro-choice freedom? No birth is an accident, no experience is without
    meaning, and no life is without value.
    Thank you.

    God Bless,

    Posted at 08:56 pm by Alex
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    Wednesday, April 14, 2004
    The Changing Times

       Ephesians 4:
    18They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts. 19Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.

       Have you ever thought about how our standards are always changing? Movies that were rated R ten years ago would be rated PG-13 now. Why is this? Do our 'tolerance levels' change through time?

       Or maybe we base such ratings on a scale ( i.e., one through ten ) and since worse movies ( as in more porn, more violence, etc ) come out every day, the movies that were once rated the worst get pushed into the middle?

       Either way you look at it, I think it is disgusting. It reminds me of Ephesians 4:19, 'Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.' Is this really what we want said about our generation?

       If you went back in time one hundred years, you'd find that people were not so scantily dressed as they are today. I'm sure that if you took some of the swimsuits back in time, the people would be appalled ( and perhaps not even know what they were for )

       I find it interesting that there exists an argument with condoms. One side argues that condoms should be made widely available to avoid the spread of STD's, the other side says that condoms will only encourage more sex outside of marriage.

       I can't think of many standards besides moral ones that change much. One teaspoon is the same no matter where you go. It is the same with God's standards. He doesn't change them to keep up with the 'trend' or to make them 'hip', yet God's standards have been proven to bring much more happiness than ours.

       There is a way that we can change! If we do not give support to these evil things, they will not be made and sold. The Matrix still could've been an interesting story with the sex scene taken out.

       Why did I name this blogging 'The Changing Times'? Check out a Christian ( G-rated ) movie called 'Time Changer' ( it is new and extremely interesting ) to find out!

    Luke 9
    23Then he said to them all: "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

    Posted at 04:17 pm by Megiddo
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    Tuesday, April 13, 2004
    What if God was one of us?

    This was given to me by someone who wished me to post it here, so here it is. To the person who wrote this, I say, if you ever want to be a full-time author, just tell me! We'd love to have ya!

    "What if God was one of us? Just a Stranger on the bus tryin' to make His way home?"
    So, what if God actually *was* one of us? Many people here might say they'd be in awe, amazed, happy, and elated... but not everyone would be. Before I get ahead of myself let me explain how this all came about. I was asked by a close person to me why Jesus came when He did. Why not 30 years ago? Why not now? With all the suffering and evil there is in the world right now, with all the technology, why did He come when the newest model of transportation was a donkey? I really had no answer, but I could say that back then there was evil too. Evil doesn't change shape much. It's always apparent in different form: greed, lust, hatred just to name a few, and those were there during Jesus' time, and they are here now. I have no explaination as to why God came down to us in the form of Jesus when He did, or why He did. None of us can be absolutely sure. We do know, however, that He came to open up the doors and free us of sin. I'll admit, I'm a growing Catholic, I have yet to understand how exactly I'm free from sin. I know I'm not flawless, and I know I have sin. Okay... maybe I have lots of sin... The only way i've come to understand how I'm freed of sin is that God forgives me. I know that God isn't always happy with the decisions I make, but He still says that it's okay. As a visual person I see this in my head as someone (anyone, a peer, a parent, teacher, enemy, anyone) looking at me and smiling, an honest true smile, full of happiness and fondness, and saying "Look, it's okay. We all make mistakes, you'll become a better person from them. It's okay, don't worry." And for me, that's a very reasuring vision. I don't think I've ever seen God the way some people say they have. I wish I could, and I hope I will someday in my future... but I haven't yet and I still have that hope. So, what if God was amongst us? What if He's that boy you ignored? That girl you laughed at? I think that if God revealed Himself today in the form of God, He'd be hospitalized. Eventually I think He'd be shot. And it would take less time than it did to crucify Him. (Agewise, and years) I don't know what I'd think if someone claimed to me they were God. It'd take a lot of faith... a great deal. I could tell you all I'm Catharine Zeta-Jones in disguise... but you would have to have great belief in me to accept it. Take that amount of belief and faith and multiply it by a million and that's how much faith we would each have to exibit. I'm not sure though, as I have never been told by someone they're God, and I've also never had my faith deeply tested. That's something I wish could be done so that I'd grow stronger in God and be reasurred. I'll still have to rely on faith to guide me, which I don't think is too much of a problem, but with all other obligations... anyways. This has become sort of a rant of sorted thoughts... but I hope it helped anyone. Not in education, but maybe reasurance that someone else is like them, or reasurrance that I'm not completely alone. But if you can please think about it. Because what would we all do if God was one of us?

    Posted at 08:58 pm by Megiddo
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    Headers and programming, oh my!

    Well, I thought maybe someone might be interested in the programming that I do, so here is my latest and greatest ( okay... not greatest ) work. It only took me about four hours, but it will be very useful.

    Note that this was programmed in C++, and does not include a driver for the class ( unless you make a driver, which is very easy, or ask for the one that I made, you can't compile it if you have a compiler )

    Anyways... here they are ( if you don't know C++, I'd recommend that you only look at charArray.h, as it is basically a 'summary' of charArray.cpp )


    so... the class is called charArray, and is used just like a normal, run-of-the-mill arrary of characters ( i.e. you can declare it like charArray = n; cin >> charArray; where n is the size you want the charArray object )

    I know how to make the conversion constructor for conversions between type const char *, I just haven't gotten around to making it yet...

    I feel as if less than half of you will understand what I said here, but post any comments/questions you may have in the comment box plz! Thanks bunches.


    Posted at 08:31 pm by Megiddo
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    Monday, April 12, 2004
    The Cross

    Ain't she beautiful?

    Posted at 10:01 am by Megiddo
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    Sunday, April 11, 2004
    Easter and what it means

    It's now Easter, which means we are celebrating our Lord's resurrection. But why is it that we have one designated day to celebrate this? Because of this event, we have eternal life with God! I think that is something to be thankful for every day.

    I Peter 2:24

    It's now Easter, which means we are celebrating our Lord's resurrection. But why is it that we have one designated day to celebrate this? Because of this event, we have eternal life with God! I think that is something to be thankful for every day.

    I Corinthians 15:3-5

    3For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, 4that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, 5and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve.

    If you want more reading, try John 3

    If the only reason you like Easter is for the plastic grass or the eggs, then you have my sympathies. You have missed the entire point of Easter. Yes, it has been commercialized ( what doesn't wind up that way eventually... ) to where most children relate Easter to the Easter Bunny and not to what Easter actually is. You, however, know the truth now, even if you did not before.

    I once talked to someone who was strongly against the Christian faith. His arguments were that 'Christianity revolves around blood' and used lots of verses out of context. Yes, blood was spilled for us, but if it wasn't where would we be now? Jesus's death gave us new life. It was his return that gave us eternal life with Him.

    I leave you with an excerpt from John 3

    John 3:16-18

    16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son

    Posted at 02:21 pm by Megiddo
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    Thursday, April 08, 2004
    Backgrounds & misc news

    Hey everyone! I hope you are going to have a splendid Easter!

    I asked all the authors to make a background on their testimony, their faith, and anything else they wanted to say. So be on the look out for them! ( the backgrounds will be linked to their name once they post it ) I must say that I am eagerly awaiting to see what these amazing people have done.

    As long as I'm speaking about authors, remember that anyone who would like to be an author can contact me. As I've said before, I would like this blog to be a collection of people that will write whatever God leads them to write.

    If anyone has any suggestions for the blog, please say something.

    I also have a prayer request. My mom is going to Romania on a mission trip next week, so please pray for her success and safety. Thank you.

    Posted at 07:30 pm by Megiddo
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    Tuesday, April 06, 2004

    I usually don't like taking these test things, but I made an exception ( someone close to me took it, so I decided too as well ). It was probably just sheer luck that I got this, as I'm really not very well with grammer ( get it? HA ). Anyhow, here it is.

    Grammar God!
    You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

    If your mission in life is not already to
    preserve the English tongue, it should be.
    Congratulations and thank you!

    How grammatically sound are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    While I frown upon the pic and title, the test is a good one.

    Posted at 09:15 pm by Megiddo
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    Less is More by Relient K

    First, let me say that if you have never listened to Relient K, I feel absolutely terrible for you. try going to Relient K's web site and listening to their music vids or something ( )

    That being said, Relient K is my favorite band, and one of their songs is on my top ten list. It is entitled, "Less is More" I would like to share the lyrics with you

    Jesus, I pray
    Take all my mistakes
    Throw them away
    Destroy them for my sake
    Jesus, I call out 'cause I'm sorry
    Because I fall so short of your glory
    To the best of my ability
    I'm practicing humility
    And I lay myself before
    'Cause less is more
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    Cause to you less is more
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    Cause to you less is more
    I pour out myself
    All that I am
    You love me so much
    That you fill me again
    And may these words on my heart, on my lips
    Somehow mean so much more than this
    Jesus, I pray
    Know what I'm trying to say
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    'Cause to you less is more
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    Cause to you less is more
    I pour out myself, before you oh Lord
    I hold nothing back, 'cause to you less is more
    And may these words on my heart on my lips,
    Somehow mean so much more than this
    Jesus, I pray
    Just know what I'm tryin' to say
    Jesus, I plead
    Please purify me
    Make my heart clean
    Drench me with your mercy
    Jesus, I pray
    I love you, I need you
    For the rest of my days
    I swear I will seek you
    To the best of my ability
    I'm practicing humility
    And I lay myself before
    'Cause less is more.

    So... what do you think? Post your thoughts on the comments!

    Posted at 07:16 pm by Megiddo
    Comments (10)  

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