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    Thursday, January 08, 2004
    To my Mom

    To my mother:

    Mom! When will you see?
    I long to be closer to you.
    But, you see me in a night... in a fury.
    Can't you see? That has past!
    I am coming to the daylight, but you refuse to see it.

    Here I am! I want to confess my wrongs to you!
    But, you recede from me...
    Come back! I need you!
    But, you are deaf to me.

    I don't want to do it on my own! I want you by my side, approving of it!
    I try to tell you,
    but you turn away.

    Lord! I love you!
    but I love my mother as well!
    What should I do?

    Will she do it the Lord?
    Will she look upon herself as she really is?
    When will she see the bitterness that is bottled up inside her?
    Will she give up her old ways?
    When will we be a team again mom?

    Posted at 08:49 pm by Megiddo
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    Working on a story

       I'm thinking of writing a book! The point of it would be to bring a teenager to a point that he feels outcast by everyone. His family dies, everyone turns on him, etc. Then, he finds God and the book shows the change in his life.
       Anyways... I'm looking for some more ideas... some strange thing I could put in there? Some plot twist? Tell me what you think! I have included my idea for the first chapter for your reading pleasure.

       What is that thing that I'm hearing? This is what I thought as I slowly fought my way to conciousness.

       I looked at my alarm clock on the table by my bed. Its red digital lights told me it 8:32 AM, way to early to be up on a Saturday, but I wanted to investigate what I was hearing. I scratched my belly as I got out of my bed.

       There it is again, that sound! It dawned on me that it was my sister screaming from inside the family room. I hurriedly threw some clothes on myself and ran to the living room.

       My sister, Katie, was sitting on the sofa in front of our family television. I looked at the screen and saw some horror movie playing.

       She must have heard me coming down the hallway, because she paused the movie and cocked her head around so she could see me. Then she said, "I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?"

       "Nah, I was just going to get up anyways." I lied.

       Wow! My sister is going to be nice to me today? I'm sixteen and she is thirteen, so naturally, she enjoys annoying everyone around her. One of her favorite 'annoyances' towards me was to flip her shoulder length blond hair at me and say, "Remember, you should always be kind to us girls."

       Still looking at me she said, "Any plans for today, Josh?"

       "I'm too sleepy to think of anything.... Why?" I asked.

       She said excitedly, "I was wondering if you might drop me off at Amie's house sometime today."

       Well, that explains why she was so 'nice' this morning. She probably screamed just to wake me up, too. She has been asking me to take her everywhere ever since I started driving.

       "We'll see." I answered.

       "Thanks Josh!" She said and promptly started watching her movie again.

       I stood there for a few moments deciding wether to go back to bed or go eat breakfast. My stomache grumbled, I had come home late last night and didn't have dinner. I decided to go get some breakfast.

       As I was walking down the hall, I passed a mirror that Mom had put up a while ago. I looked at myself. I was 5'8" with brown hair, blue eyes. Mom had always said that I had the best looks in the family, and many people at my school agreed said the same, but I didn't think I looked too special. I was wearing some blue shorts and a light green T-shirt. Oops, I put my shirt on backwards. I continued on my way to the kitchen while switching my shirt around.

       I was looking in fridge, deciding what to eat when Mom came up behind me and put her hands on my shoulders. I turned around with a questioning look.

       "Good morning Sunshine!" Mom said with a smile.

       I was suprised to see her smile. She had been rarely happy ever since Dad died six months ago. Dad died in a car accident on his way home from work. A semi-truck had run the red light and plowed into his car going sixty miles an hour. He died upon impact. Mom and Dad had been together for twenty years, so Mom was out of place without him. She had always been a stay-at-home Mom, but now she had to have a job.

       "Good morning mom." I replied sleepily.

       "I bought another container of orange juice for you." Mom knew how much I love orange juice.

       I said, "Thanks Mom! Orange juice always helps my get my day started."

       "I just got done running errands so you may use the car for the rest of the day." Mom was always happy to let me use the car. She put the keys on the table and headed for her room.

    Posted at 05:59 pm by Megiddo
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    Wednesday, January 07, 2004

     I'm new and I'm helping out! First off I'm going to say one thing:

     God loves everyone. He loves the people in jail. He loves the tree-huggers. He loves anyone and everyone. He loves Atheists, He loves preps, He loves posers, goths, kids, adults, senior citizens, and babies. Most importantly: God loves you.

     I am a little different than Megiddo and Hatuko, for I am Catholic. I have Catholic veiws and I will express them here. If you have a problem with that, I'm sorry. I hope you can listen to everything and anything we say because God is important in everyones life. I hope He has been or will be come and continue to be an influence in your life because discovering Him can be the best thing in the world.

     I'm going to give you a little back-up on the Catholic faith:

     1) We have a Pope. He is not something we worship, he merely is a figure of the church that makes decisions in name of Catholicism.
     2) We honor the Trinity: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
     3) We praise Our Lady, the virgin Mary.
     4) We attend Mass at least once a week. (Or are supposed to anyways)
     5) We receive Communion at these Masses.
     6) We have Saints that we aknowledge for doing good deeds and working miracles.
     7) We enjoy having fun throughout our Masses and are a very social group
     8) Our Priests cannot marry or fullfill a family life.
     9) Not all Priests are sexual molesters (get that out of your heads right now!)
     10) We are the richest church in the world which sometimes bothers me.

     So I think in my enteries from now on I'll explain one of these things for you. Next time, get ready for the Pope!

     See ya round!

    Posted at 07:54 pm by xxpinknblackxx
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    Do we have time?

    God is with us every day and night, every hour, every minute, every second... Do we have time for God? Distractions, sure we do! But We will always have time for God! As long as we have a straight forward attitude and a good heart. We will always have time for God.

    Posted at 07:29 pm by MegiddosGirl
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    Today I was thinking of what to write on the daily blog, when I realized I couldn't think! I had music playing in the background and it was distracting me from what I was trying to do.

    I took this thought into some more consideration and I realized that there is hardly a moment in my life when I don't have something playing, something to listen to, something to do, etc. I don't know how true this of you, but I do know that the majority of population always keep themselves busy.

    Where is the time to just sit down, think about our day or think about God? Does Satan have anything with all the 'noise' that is always around us? When is the last time you sat down and thought about something?

    The only time I can think of that it is absolutely silent around me is when I'm asleep. But, even that might not happen for some people. My friend who has ADHD said he has problems sleeping unless he is listening to his radio at night.

    With so many things to concentrate on, where is our concentration on God? When did you last make time for God in your life?

    Posted at 05:08 pm by Megiddo
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    Tuesday, January 06, 2004
    A talk...

       I was talking to a girl at my school today. This girl does not dress modestly. I hardly made eye contact with her the entire conversation it was so bad...

       Anyways, I asked her what kind of job she would like to have as a career. She said, 'I just want to marry some really old rich guy and then kill him if he doesn't die fast enough.

       While I was standing there with my mouth agape, I asked, 'Are you serious?'

       She replied, 'Of course! It is a great idea!'

       What evilness humans can think of!

    Posted at 06:08 pm by Megiddo
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    Monday, January 05, 2004


    Posted at 04:38 pm by MegiddosGirl
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    Saturday, January 03, 2004

    Okay... today's blog will be something to meditate on. I will tell you something, and you will read it over and over and think about it and apply it to your life.

    Think of prayer as a burden to us, as the wings burden the bird in flight.

    Posted at 02:48 pm by Megiddo
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    Friday, January 02, 2004
    Good New Years Resolutions

       I've never been much into the new years resolution. I always believed if you wanted to improve on something, decide that instant to do so. Waiting just makes it all that much harder to stop or improve.

       But there are some new years resolutions that would help anyone. If your looking to improve on something, try one or more of these!

    • Pray more often
    • Pray more openly
    • Read your Bible more often
    • Start reflecting on verses ( memorizing or reading a verse over and over, thinking about it )
    • Be a servant towards others ( this doesn't mean being mindless, just being as helpful as possible)
    • Read Christian books
    • Listen to Christian music
    • Talk to other Christians
    • Being a leader ( meaning you leave people better off by knowing/talking to you )

       Well, if there is something else that I didn't think of, leave it in the comments! I need to work on almost all of those myself. I pray that anyone who wants to accomplish one of these will be able to!

    Posted at 10:54 am by Megiddo
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    Thursday, January 01, 2004

    Okay, under normal circumstances, I'm terrible at poems. Was this a pop enduced dillusion? I may never know...

    Lord, I love you,
    And you love me too!
    I know that you will always be there for me,
    On this you would agree.

    My sins are terrible,
    But you must have thought they were bearable.
    For me, my sins you bore,
    Even though it was quite a chore.

    In heaven, I shall see you my King.
    Though, I have nothing to bring.
    Still, you accept me for who I am,
    You think of me as your lamb.

    I shall always be grateful,
    Even though I was once so hateful.
    Thank you Lord, for saving me,
    For this I am filled with glee.

    Posted at 06:30 pm by Megiddo
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