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    Wednesday, April 21, 2004
    I'm making a comeback

    What do Otter pops, Converse All Stars, and I all have in common?

    We're all making a memorable come-back.

    Who am I?

    Alexis. I'm young. Smart. Funny. Opinionated. Fun. AND I love God. What's cooler? Uh... ice.

    My Education

    For five years I've attended a private Catholic school. I've gone to Mass every Thursday at 8 AM since I was 9 (yeah. I'm a young'un) and I've had religion classes all throughout. You want the truth? I'm going to miss my religion class next year at public school.

    Thats right. Me. I'm going to miss talking about God. A subject I sometimes hide from in order to escape embarrassment. But you know what? I'm not embarrassed anymore.

    Oh and another thing about me... I can't spell. So don't get on my case. I do my best.

    My home

    My family isn't divided by divorce... it's actually really small. For a Catholic family. (Was that a dis? I dunno.) Theres my dad, mom, sister, and I... and I only have four cousins. Wow... that is small. Sometimes I wish I had a bigger family, but I'm happy with the family I have. They're grrrrrreat.

    My friends

    I have a few different sort of friends. School, acting, camp, and church friends. They're all different... Sadly, we never talk about church often. My school friends, when they do, only put it down, but I think they might find comfort in the Church too.

    My secret

    One time I had a dream. In it I was sitting with a few friends on the ground in my school's Church. We were just leaning against the pews talking. When I look back on this I think it's me showing myself that the Church works in my life daily. I also think it means I find comfort there, and enjoy it.... either way, I'm not complaining.

    Anyways, I'm really excited for this. I've found out a lot about myself and God in the past weeks, and I'm anxious to share.

    See you all later!

    Posted at 04:59 pm by xxpinknblackxx

    April 26, 2004   02:02 PM PDT
    Mmmm, sounds good to me! ;)
    April 26, 2004   12:33 PM PDT
    MI Camp.
    April 22, 2004   11:14 AM PDT
    Hey, I get it, Meggido!

    WELCOME BACK ALEXIS!!! I'm so excited to see you here. Even if you don't understand what the Church teaches or why, keep asking questions and pushing for answers cuz that's the best way to get at the Truth! And I'm so so happy you're back!!! If you couldn't tell ;)
    April 21, 2004   10:27 PM PDT
    whoa... blogdrive messed it up... It's supposed to be a thumbs up picture type thing....

    well... here's my thumbs up then! ^
    April 21, 2004   10:17 PM PDT
    What in tarnation was that, Megiddo? ha ha ha...
    April 21, 2004   09:31 PM PDT
    Congrats on the comeback! Great to have you back.

    \ \
    ___> \
    (__O) \
    (____@) \
    (____@) \
    (__o)_ \
    \ \
    April 21, 2004   06:55 PM PDT
    Coolio! I'm glad you are back! Fab info, I'm sorry that you're goin to miss a religion class in HS next year. darn... No, having a small family, a Catholic family, is not a dis. :) You go to Mass every Thursday at 8? That's better than me! My oh my... That's really cool.

    Ooh, gotta go, bye!

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