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    Tuesday, April 06, 2004
    Less is More by Relient K

    First, let me say that if you have never listened to Relient K, I feel absolutely terrible for you. try going to Relient K's web site and listening to their music vids or something ( )

    That being said, Relient K is my favorite band, and one of their songs is on my top ten list. It is entitled, "Less is More" I would like to share the lyrics with you

    Jesus, I pray
    Take all my mistakes
    Throw them away
    Destroy them for my sake
    Jesus, I call out 'cause I'm sorry
    Because I fall so short of your glory
    To the best of my ability
    I'm practicing humility
    And I lay myself before
    'Cause less is more
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    Cause to you less is more
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    Cause to you less is more
    I pour out myself
    All that I am
    You love me so much
    That you fill me again
    And may these words on my heart, on my lips
    Somehow mean so much more than this
    Jesus, I pray
    Know what I'm trying to say
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    'Cause to you less is more
    All that I have
    I lay before
    With my pride on the floor
    Cause to you less is more
    I pour out myself, before you oh Lord
    I hold nothing back, 'cause to you less is more
    And may these words on my heart on my lips,
    Somehow mean so much more than this
    Jesus, I pray
    Just know what I'm tryin' to say
    Jesus, I plead
    Please purify me
    Make my heart clean
    Drench me with your mercy
    Jesus, I pray
    I love you, I need you
    For the rest of my days
    I swear I will seek you
    To the best of my ability
    I'm practicing humility
    And I lay myself before
    'Cause less is more.

    So... what do you think? Post your thoughts on the comments!

    Posted at 07:16 pm by Megiddo

    Robert (screaming RK fan)
    May 30, 2005   09:39 AM PDT
    Relient K is by far the most talented band in the music industry. They are not your ordinary punk rock/pop band, or ordinary band for that reason. Their guitar rifts range from easy to hard and are all not the same (or same rhythm). Often (especially on their new album) they can add a piano and make it sound really cool! They can go from your “ordinary punk voice”, to harmonizing like it ain’t no thang , or even emo screaming their head off. Oh wait…did I mention they freakn love Jesus!? Man if you find a more talented band out there, let me know.
    April 17, 2004   01:04 AM PDT
    Hmmm... maybe...
    April 15, 2004   06:50 AM PDT
    Old station wagon? They have a song called K Car... maybe that has something to do with it...
    April 14, 2004   10:37 PM PDT
    So, apparently, Relient K was an old station wagon. I love station wagons! Yeah!
    April 14, 2004   12:03 PM PDT
    No no no! Does anyone know what Relient K, the name of the band, means! Why that name?

    The Bernhofts DO have a sense of culture, you big oaf (this is addressed to Cow, of course :) ), and so do I! But, occasionally, I step down from the pedastal of culturedness and listen to Relient K. It's definitely not as satisfying as, say, Itzhak Pearlman playing... ANYTHING, but I can deal. I usually make allowances for comedy. ;)
    April 12, 2004   09:53 AM PDT
    Sorry Hanah.... I haven't the slightest clue.
    April 12, 2004   12:52 AM PDT

    Does anyone know what that means???!
    April 7, 2004   02:14 PM PDT
    Guerrilla Rodeo? Never heard of it.... But both Supertones and Five Iron Frenzy are on my top ten artist list. Ace Troubleshooter? Never heard of them either.... But I did get this really cool program recently where I can download any song I want legally ( as opposed to it being illegal with Kazaa, and yes, that is illegal ) so I'll have to look 'em up. ( I thought Five Iron Frenzy was finished, though. They made their last album, 'The End is Near' )

    And that's a really good point you bring up Cow!
    The Cow
    April 7, 2004   11:15 AM PDT
    First of all, I must agree that RK is in fact, very probably the coolest band in existance today, but only until Guerrilla Rodeo starts up. Combo of people from Five Iron Frenzy, Supertones, and Ace Troubleshooter. Don't get much better than that, I tell ya.

    But man! What a powerful song! Just think, we ask for all of these things, constantly: forgiveness, acceptance, love. Deep down, that's what people really want, and what they really long for. The AWESOME thing is not that we want to be loved. The great part is that we aren't ABLE to want to be loved, in the amount that God wants to love us. To fully except God's love, one HAS to share it with others.

    Crazy, eh?
    April 6, 2004   07:29 PM PDT
    that's a coolio song, I've heard it several times. :)

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