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    Monday, January 12, 2004

       What is make-up? I know you're all probably laughing at me thinking that I don't know what it means, but really, what does it mean? The most likely version of make they use here is to bring to some state. Up probably means toward that which is higher, what is better. Basically, make-up means a better state.

        How can we improve on what God made? We are not perfect, but we are what he wants us to be. We are his children, he loves us no matter what we look like.

        Beauty is an interesting word. It is something that is relative from person to person. The person that you marry ( if she is wearing make-up ) is not that person at all. You are marrying what that person considers a better version of themselves. It should shame the husband that the wife does this to herself.

        Doesn't make-up create an evil among us? Women are living behind a mask. They are lying about what they really are. They do it to be more 'attractive', but if you want someone to love you, you need someone to love you for what you are, not for what you look like.

        Am I far off in this matter? Am I completely missing the point of make-up? Please leave a comment and tell me wether you agree with me. Thank you.

    Posted at 05:23 pm by Megiddo

    January 13, 2004   11:15 AM PST
    Excellent question! Well, some girls find it fun, others use it to cover up zits or scars or other such facial problems, and some girls think they look better with it on. Whether or not the last one is true is a matter of opinion. However, I don't have a problem with people wearing make-up. It's strictly superficial. (The make-up and whether or not a girl wears it.)

    Oh, actually, I might have a problem if its plastered on... I mean, to me that looks like Yzma...(of the Emperor's New Groove.) Yuch!
    January 13, 2004   06:22 AM PST
    Sorry Hanah, I'll have to answer your question with another question. What good does it do to wear make-up?
    January 12, 2004   11:18 PM PST
    Well, I do have a question. If a husband should love his wife for who she is, and not what she looks like (and vise versa), then I don't really see how make-up makes a difference. Her personality and her soul are who she is, not her face. Make-up doesn't hide the soul.

    Now it's true that some girls may hide their true personality by trying to be someone they're not. They may do this in order to fit in or to be liked or whatever. These girls may wear make-up. But if they stopped trying to be someone else and let their own personality shine through while continuing to wear make-up, would you say that they weren't being themselves? I'd say that they were being themselves, even with make-up on.

    Oh, and just for the record, I don't wear make-up, mostly because I'm allergic to it.
    January 12, 2004   09:14 PM PST
    hi there! i kind of agree with you... I, myself, do not wear make-up... except for lip gloss. I just don't like it and i don't think it's bad if girls wear a little make-up but too much is just rediculous.

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