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    Tuesday, December 30, 2003
    Who do these voices in my head belong to?

       How can you tell when you feel pushed to do something if it is your thought, sent from God, or sent from the Devil?

       Well if anyone ever figures out how to tell if something is your thought, tell me. I once wrote in my personal journal, 'Who are we to say that every thought that we have is not from God? Therefore, glorify God with every thought and with every breath.' How do I know that this entry was my idea? I can't say that I 100% know it is my idea.

       There usually are some ways to tell what God wants you to do and what the Devil wants you to do. First, does it break any of the Ten Commandments? There are many problems that are harder to discern, though ( i.e. - Is this the women/man God wants me to marry? ). Never rush into anything. The Devil wants to rush you, God is infinitely patient. Not even prayer helps if your rushing into something ( this is because no matter what the result of the prayer, your probably still going to do it ).

       Never trust your feelings. These are easily manipulated by the Devil. For years, the Devil had me under the delusion that I was not saved, keeping me in a depressed state where I was constantly worried about the future.

       Fleeces ( praying that if the answer to *insert questions* is *insert answer*, then such and such will happen ) won't help either, if your being thrown into a frenzy.

       So what do you do if you absolutely need a question answered? Well, that still sounds like your rushing it, if you absolutely need an answer. Be patient, pray every chance you have. Your answer will come... eventually.

    Posted at 02:29 pm by Megiddo

    December 30, 2003   04:20 PM PST
    I wanted to add>> sitting in complete silence and allowing the answer to come forth after praying... you always learn more from listening

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