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    Sunday, June 20, 2004
    Project in-progress ( w00t! a post... lol )

       While I continue work on my posts inspired by PBC, I thought I'd throw you a bone as to what I'm up to in other projects.

       I am making a map for a game called Half-Life, and specifically a mod ( short for modification ) named Natural Selection. For some screenshots, background, and user reviews on the map, go here.

       Here is a screen shot of what it is like while mapping:

    ( had to make this pic into to link due to it's size )

       In order to map, you draw boxes for everything you want. Once you have your box the way you like it, you can manipulate it a variety of ways ( make it do something, make it into a different shape, etc ). Once you have your map the way you like it, you compile it ( which optimizes it to run on the game ). Compiling takes me about 1 hour, if you're interested ( on a 2.6 GHZ CPU ).

       If you have any questions about anything related to the above, please put it in the comments.

    Posted at 09:37 pm by Megiddo

    Dubble D
    June 21, 2004   11:54 AM PDT
    I would like to show her the web page so I can play it (you aren't killing people are you!)
    June 21, 2004   10:58 AM PDT
    "but when you finish I would like to show her to show her you aren't"

    aren't what?

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