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    Thursday, May 27, 2004
    Hidden Divinity

    God is not obvious. *That's* obvious, however. Sure, once a person is looking for God, there are what can be talken as signs of his existance all over. But that's a whole different can of worms right there, seeing God in everyday life. Anyhow, wouldn't life be much easier if God showed up in the sky every morning, and gave us the news, let us bask in His glory, and then let us get on with our day? Nobody would have a doubt about His existance, because He would be RIGHT THERE, staring down at you! You could ask God anything about morals, life, or beg for a favor face to face, instead of talking to the air and assuming somebody is picking up on the other line.

    Well, first of all, there would still be people who would stick to their guns and deny His presence, even if it was COMPLETELY obvious that God would there. Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.

    Secondly, a completely obvious God would take away from human dignity, actually. The most important aspect of mankind is the fact of free will, and specifically the choice to do good. God loves people so much He gives us the freedom to reject Him. If we do reject Him, He wont force Himself on us, and I doubt youd want Him to. We will get what we want, in that case to be left alone by God. (Thats the true definition of hell, by the way, as accepted today by most theologians: the complete absence of Gods presence.) It would be an injustice if God forced us to love Him, here or in heaven. Then wed only be literal slaves, pets or robots, as it were. Sure, God is still great and loving, but nobody should want to be reduced to that. We have the CHOICE to love God. That is one of the greatest gifts to ever ask for. We can can choose to have the best thing ever, instead of just automatically doing it.

    What else would you have God do with someone who rejects Him, take him/her to heaven and force him/her to be in Gods presence and love God for all eternity, when that would only be endless torture for such a person who hates the very idea of God?

    God only wants the best for us all, and that is why He has asked us (not forced us) to follow Him and do His will, so that we will earn the eternal joy of being in Heaven, in His presence, not because He wants to make our lives miserable.

    We "send" ourselves to Hell, God wont stop us from choosing it. God allows it because, since we have rejected Him, it is equitable. Would you rather He offend our human dignity and free will by forcing us to love Him back, by cramming it down our throats to accept Him as existing?

    I think untimately that's what heaven will be like, though: a place where God *is* evident and observable. God will be constantly and completely understandable, but not because he is now able to force himself on him, but because we made the final choice, and when we died, we choose to trust God, so now we gave all we can give, and God returns that faith with Himself.

    Thank you, and God bless.

    ~The Cow

    Posted at 04:41 pm by The Cow

    May 31, 2004   06:18 PM PDT
    I'd have to agree with Herm!

    "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."

    Don't even get me started there....
    May 28, 2004   03:03 PM PDT
    Fabulous, Cowe and Alex, fabulous. :)

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